Introducing Comcast Business ActiveCore

Better network control, peace of mind and flexibility for all

Introducing Comcast Business ActiveCore

Comcast Business, a company offering a combination of Internet, Ethernet, Voice, TV, Managed Enterprise Solutions, WiFi and more, have announced new enhancements to its digital experience of the Comcast Business ActiveCore solution. The Software-Defined Networking platform gives today’s enterprise users the flexibility that they need to monitor their networks across various branch offices, locations, and data centres around the world – on any device. What’s more, users can access the ActiveCore platform with just the sound of their voice.

The upgraded SDN platform will now give enterprises the opportunity to take advantage of various voice functions to access information and real-time updates from Alexa enabled tools. Simple voice commands like “Alexa launch ActiveCore” will get the system up and running. Customers can use their voices to get insights into what’s going on throughout their network, including assessing sites that are down and checking the status of sites by address.

The New and Improved ActiveCore Platform

The updated ActiveCore platform includes an improved user experience designed from customer feedback with productivity and simplicity in mind. According to Comcast Business, there’s an updated MyAccount portal to provide users with easier access to their account information, while also adding simplicity and efficiency to the overall experience. What’s more, reimagined design patterns and content styles offer a more streamlined aesthetic for the whole UI.

Enterprises will also have access to new and enhanced features on ActiveCore included:

  • An updated interface: With at-a-glance colour coding so users can quickly and accurately identify and resolve issues when their networks are impaired
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics: Business intelligence to provide actionable insights into the health of the enterprise network, including performance, and utilisation data viewed through the online ActiveCore portal
  • Enhanced mobility and navigation: With improved navigation and mobility, users will be able to view their site usage data more easily. Additionally, service managers get a greater level of transparency into the sites they’re overseeing with updated desktop and mobile applications, allowing for better management of networks at a distance

Supporting the Age of Digital Transformation

According to the Senior Vice President of Product Management for Comcast Business, Bob Victor, as organisations continue to progress along their paths to digital transformation, they need a network that they can manage more efficiently and quickly. The new Comcast ActiveCore platform helps companies to get work done wherever they are, in a more streamlined way. What’s more, the introduction of the Alexa functionality means that today’s users have more ways to access the tools that they need.


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