Introducing the Freshworks Summer School Virtual Academy

Overcome the 'Summer Slump' with the Freshworks Summer School

Introducing the Freshworks Summer School Virtual Academy

All businesses have slow seasons. For many companies, this period happens during the hotter months in the year, where people have their minds set on sunny beaches and crisp ocean waters, rather than corporate growth. However, for today’s business leaders, those sizzling summer weeks don’t have to be a time of lost productivity and growth. Instead, they can be an opportunity to learn, evolve, and take on new skills.

Freshworks, one of the leading providers of business development software, recently announced the arrival of their brand-new summer school academy. The online academy builds on the existing heritage that Freshworks has in the industry, providing exceptional opportunities for personal and professional development in a host of tracks including customer engagement, IT and employee experience, and sales and business growth.

I caught up with Shaun Earey, the Field Marketing Manager of Freshworks, to find out more.

Tell Us About the Freshworks Virtual Academy

Shaun Earey

Shaun Earey

As the field marketing manager of Freshworks, Shaun is responsible for making sure that the offerings that Freshworks provides are suitable and compelling for the UK and European market. He helps to drive the development of the project and curate content, too. Earey told me that the purpose of the summer school academy is to bring more productivity back to the summertime slump, ensuring that people have a chance to grow during any period of the year.

The Freshworks virtual academy is a digital learning platform that people can use to get inspired, develop their professional skills, and build new opportunities for their business. “It’s an on-demand learning academy where you can get involved with learning something new. People in the summertime slump can start to use their time as productively as possible.”

According to Shaun, there will be more than 50 learning videos to choose from depending on the track that you’re interested in, with a handful of sessions available in Dutch, German, Spanish, French and Swedish too. The videos come from not just industry influencers, but market leaders like Twilio and Slack, so you’re sure to get some exciting insights from whatever content you access.

What Kind of Format Can We Expect from the Summer School?

Whether you’re looking for an opportunity to improve employee and customer experiences, or you just want assistance with business growth, there’s something on the academy for everyone. Most importantly, the solution is fully on-demand, with sessions available to tap into according to your schedule.

“You can take this learning completely at your own pace. The videos are there to access from the 15th of July to the 15th of September, so there’s no rush to get involved and finish your track”

Earey told me that in part, the sessions would be providing an overview of each track and its current trends, but they’d also be diving deeper into the topics too. “Each track will drill down into concepts on a granular level and offer some actionable advice for things you can do to grow.”

The Freshworks summer school isn’t necessarily part of the separate learning experience, the Freshworks academy. However, it does feature some content from the academy too and pulls together some popular content from the Freshworks portfolio. According to Shaun, the company is continuing to cater to the trend of “consuming things on demand,” as people continue to search for learning that suits their schedule.

What Does the Freshworks Summer School Cover?

There are three central tracks to the Freshworks virtual academy, intended to cover some of the most essential topics in the industry today.

  • The first track focuses on customer engagement, with more than 20 sessions delivered by companies like Segment, Hootsuite, and Slack
  • The second track concentrates on Sales and Business Growth, with more than 15 sessions from Stripe, Twilio, and sales leaders like John Barrows and Aaron Ross
  • The third track is for IT and Employee Experience. This selection of over 15 sessions looks at how IT teams can deliver business value at scale and provide excellent employee experiences too. Speakers come from Box, PagerDuty, and Automate.io. What’s more, there are influencers like Alan Berkson and Barclay Rae to hear from too

As Shaun told me: “We’ve noticed that people want to engage with things at their own pace after events and conferences have happened. People are constantly recording things and playing them back when it suits their schedule. On-demand is just the way the industry is going.”

Who Can Benefit from the Summer School?

This year is the first debut summer school from Freshworks, intended to support a wide range of people from different backgrounds. According to Earey, you can simply log in and dip into the learning opportunities whenever you have time between the 15th of July and the 15th of September.

“Everything is created in fairly bite-sized and easy-to-consume chunks.”

“The videos are mostly about 10 minutes in length, with a handful of videos for each session and topic, starting with an overview of the educational track”

Earey told me that the virtual summer school is an excellent opportunity for business leaders to learn and do something that allows them to grow professionally in their free time. There’s a massive amount of content available, with avenues to suit people from a range of different backgrounds and educational levels. “There’s something for everyone, regardless of what you want to bring back to your business. We’re not focusing on a specific role in a company; there’s a mix of solutions there for everyone.”

The Freshworks summer school is an excellent opportunity for people from all backgrounds, including:

  • IT operations leaders who want to ship more, fast
  • Sales leaders looking to crush their projections next quarter
  • CX leaders who want to scale support and drive revenue growth

Find out more about the Freshworks summer school today! You can even nominate your friends at work and get them to attend some lessons too! There’s the chance for a lucky winner to collect a prize, and you can find out more about this when you complete your registration.


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