Introducing UC and CC Specialists: G3 Comms

Your guide to G3 Comms

Introducing UC and CC Specialists: G3 Comms

The communications environment is growing increasingly competitive, with new entrants making their way into the battlefield consistently. Today, if you want to get ahead of the curve, you need something extraordinary to offer.

G3 Comms is a communications provider that helps organisations around the globe to improve and enhance their unified communications strategy and align them with critical business needs. Through unrivalled technical experience and seamless integrations, G3 Comms ensures that companies of all sizes can access world-class technology, combined with in-house software applications.

G3 Comms works alongside a global ecosystem of leading vendors to provide opportunities that allow businesses to increase their efficiencies and accelerate Return on Investment. I caught up with CEO, James Arnold-Roberts, to find out more about G3 Comms, and where the brand is heading.

Tell us About You and G3 Comms

James Arnold-Roberts has been involved with the G3 brand for several years now. He started his career in telecommunications and technology with Mitech in 2003 and began working with the G3 Comms Telecommunication business in 2011, branching off to Direct the “Network Services” segment of the company. For over 7 years, Network Services ran separately from the main telecommunications business, where G3 Comms built up a strong base of customers.

“We became one of the first companies in the UK to deliver SIP into an Avaya ACM, and eventually we decided that it didn’t make sense to have two separate entities anymore. We eventually merged the organisations, and G3 Comms was formed, I took on the role of CEO as a sort of natural progression, a little while after launching Genius Networks in 2013.”

Since then, G3 Comms has been growing as a powerful and compelling name in the sector for communication networks.

What’s your Plan for Future Growth?

Growth has remained relatively strong for G3 Comms over the years. James told me that they’ve always been confident in the ability of the business to generate good turnover. However, the team knew that if they wanted to take their roadmap to the next level, then they needed to get out there and start growing with a Merger and Acquisition strategy.

“To reach our goals of doubling in size within the next 3 to 5 years, we know that we need a good M&A strategy. Already, we’re in conversations with a few target companies to take this next step as quickly as possible”

When it comes to the kinds of companies that G3 Comms wants to work with, James says that the brand is focusing on all the key areas and lines of business that they’re involved with, including the Avaya and Microsoft support wrap space, the contact centre, network services, and more.

“It’s a case of buying businesses that sit within our model. For customers, we look at companies with about 500 to 5000 customers. I think there’s a number of good opportunities out there right now – particularly in the hosted contact centre space – which is evolving at a rapid pace.”

Where Do You Think The Market is Heading?

Arnold-Roberts told me that he sees a lot of opportunities in the hosted cloud world, with things like UCaaS and CCaaS. I asked him if he had any predictions about where that environment might be heading. “It’s a massive space that’s evolving quickly. I think the future will depend on companies that are willing to figure out what their customer wants. We’re looking at the needs of our customers, and the requirements that their customers have too.”

James also noted that it’s essential to make sure that there’s flexibility available for today’s companies. G3 Comms offers private, public and hybrid clouds depending on their customer’s environments, and they’re focused on making sure that they’re always agile enough to flex to client needs. “I think there’s a lot of big beasts out there, but customers are looking for partners who are small enough to pivot quickly and efficiently.”

Another strong point for G3 Comms is that they have control over their communications and network backbone so that they don’t have to go through other tier one or tier two providers.

“We’ve built our hubs in geo-sensitive locations so that people can get fast, flexible services that suit their needs”

What’s Important to You Going Forward?

For G3 Comms, surviving in the future is all about delivering innovations, while remaining flexible enough that they can adapt to their customer’s requests. G3 focuses on giving their users the choice to build their environment according to their needs. “We give the customer the choice to bring the providers that they love into the mix. We sit as an aggregator in the middle, providing the network that they can plug their SD-WAN into.”

Another thing that G3 Comms is particularly good at according to Arnold-Roberts is helping companies get involved with the world of Microsoft too. “We work well with Microsoft solutions, and we want to become the go-to solution for customers that are searching for the glue to hold their UC and CC experience together with their Microsoft applications.”

So far, G3 Comms are growing strong, and things look good for the brand on the horizon. The company recently closed the books for the year, and achieved double digit growth, so the figures look great for now.

Watch this space for more news on G3 Comms’ development path.


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