Leading CRM Integrators Mondago head to Cloud Comms Summit USA

Mondago discuss their trip to the Cloud Comms Summit in Washington, 26th June 2018

Leading CRM Integrators Mondago head to Cloud Comms Summit USA

The Cloud Communications Summit in the USA is the first iteration of the international conference hosted by the Cavell Group in association with the Cloud Communications Alliance, to launch in America. It’s building on the success that the Cloud Comms Summit has seen in the UK and Amsterdam as the leading event for service providers interested in growing their position within the cloud communications industry.

The Cloud Comms Summit is now in its fourth year, and in previous events within Europe, it’s acted as a networking and innovation hub for more than 300 attendees from around the world. We spoke to Alex Rogers from Mondago, a company known as the leading solution for CRM services within Europe, about their upcoming trip to the new USA summit.

Talking Cloud Communication Strategies

The Cloud Comms Summit is set to take place between the 26th and 27th of June this year, in Washington DC. The idea is to bring the innovation and insights seen in the European events to the rather under-served American market for the first time. During the Summit, we should expect to see some keynote speeches, panel discussions and forum conversations about the recent trends in cloud computing. As Mondago has been a part of the Cloud Comms Summit in Europe for the last 2 years, I asked Alex how he felt about its move to the USA.

“The summit is a very important and relevant event for us – perhaps the biggest event of the year when it comes to Europe. Since this is the American equivalent of what we see in Europe, we can only expect that this will be a great opportunity too. Last year, the speeches were extremely interesting, and a lot of the speakers talked about how on-premises communications still need to be an important consideration for the cloud community.”

“They also went onto say that up until now, we’ve been in sort of a sunrise period, but now we’re moving into a position where it’s really time for cloud to shine.”

Alex noted that at the US event, there’s sure to be plenty of discussions about how international and US players can take advantage of the trends in the US market.

The Right Audience

The Cloud Comms Summit event has been a hugely successful conference throughout Europe for the last four years. I was interested to hear Alex’ opinion on what makes the experience so successful.

“You have to pay to attend, but that means that you’re investing in a better experience. These summits don’t just get a good audience – they get the right audience.”

“It’s not just leaders coming in for the free food; it’s people who come to talk and listen. The strategic takeaways from the events are incredible. After all, we all need these market reports to grow. Cavell gives us a complete view of the marketplace.”

With the support of the Cloud Communications Alliance, Cavell can provide an almost SWOT-like analysis of the cloud communications industry – which is incredibly valuble for those who want to know not just the opportunities, but the market challenges that could lay ahead as they grow.

In Good Company

As one of the major sponsors of the event, Mondago is in good company. They’re surrounded by organisations like Ribbon Communications, Metaswitch, NetSapiens, and many more. However, Mondago will be the only CRM-specialist attending the Cloud Comms Summit – something that Alex says is a common occurrence for the brand.

Mondago will be using their position at the Cloud Comms Summit to showcase their strength as a CRM provider. “We want to show people that we can take the stress and complexity out of CRM integration.”

The Mondago Magic

Mondago is essentially synonymous with the concept of CRM integration at this point. They’ve emerged as one of the most significant market leaders because they can connect to literally hundreds of CRMs. Alex told me:

“When people ask, we usually list the most popular CRMs that we can connect with like Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, NetSuite, Google Contacts, Outlook, SuperOffice, but the options actually go much further.”

While CRM has been around for a while, it also offers significant value in a sales environment, helping to make the customer stickier. As Alex put it, “It’s adding value. We’re giving people that little bit of extra magic to offer their customers that makes them more likely to stay on your side for longer. At the same time, we’ve taken the complexity out of CRM integration.”

Are You Excited to Tap into the US Market?

Up until now, the US market has been largely underserved, and Mondago hopes to start to address that problem with their journey overseas to the Cloud Comms Summit. Alex noted “It’d be great if we had the same penetration out there as we do here. We’re the leader in CRM Integration for EMEA and we also see enormous opportunity in the US which is why we have recently opened a new office in Phoeniz, AZ.

The US already has a huge number of BroadSoft providers, but Mondago offers more than just a BroadSoft connection, they’re available to connect with all the biggest and best cloud PBX platforms.

“We are looking forward to connecting with service providers at the upcoming event and showing off what we’re capable of. Mondago does CRM Integration, we do it well, and we’re reliable – we won’t let our partners down.”


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