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Metaswitch Introduces MaX UC Mobile Experience

New Metaswitch platform for Mobile Operators

Metaswitch Introduces MaX UC Mobile Experience

Leading cloud-native communications software company, Metaswitch recently announced the arrival of their new mobile-native UC&C (unified communications and collaboration) solution for mobile business users. The groundbreaking solution builds upon the MaX by Metaswitch platform for mobile-first discussion that offers solutions for small businesses and individuals. Now, all market segments will be able to access the service.

MaX UC by Metaswitch addresses the growing needs of mobile enterprise employees with a reliable and intuitive experience delivered through mobile operators. MaX UC encourages adoption by moving the primary UI to the native dialler in a mobile UC app, and it integrates with IMS-based networks for an appealing experience on any device, Android or iOS.

Metaswitch for Going Mobile

A survey conducted in 2018 by ZK Research found that around 90% of today’s knowledge workers need to be mobile to thrive, which is why Metaswitch’s mobile-first approach makes so much sense. The system reduces the strain on IT departments attempting to maintain productivity in a changing workforce, by making it easier to adopt new technology without the restrictions of OTT Mobile UC apps.

With Metaswitch MaX UC, it’s possible to ensure consistent and coherent use of business identities on mobile and achieve a simplified integration with the desktop. What’s more, company leaders can ensure that mobile users adhere to IT policies, regardless of which device they’re using. Unlike many of the other options on the market that were delivered as “afterthoughts” to desktop applications, MaX UC provides a truly native experience.

Features of Metaswitch Max UC for Mobile

The mobile-first UC application by Metaswitch is designed to serve the most pressing needs facing an increasingly mobile workplace. The system addresses the external and internal communication and collaboration needs of employees, with:

  • Multiple persona support: Multi-persona call capabilities are available through a native mobile dialer leveraging network-based intelligence
  • High-quality network performance: Native dialer capabilities mean that users can access the service quickly and easily with high-quality video, voice and messaging
  • Enhanced experience: Users can easily toggle between multiple functions with a single click on their devices for call recording, video calling, video conferencing, team messaging and more

Up until now, PBX-focused solutions haven’t been able to give service providers the functionality and reliability needed to deliver a true mobile experience. According to the CMO of Metaswitch, Ian Maclean, MaX UC offers a mobile experience with the ideal combination of functionality, performance, ease of use, and value.

MaX UC is now available through Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia Pacific, and North America. Check out our UC Today podcast with Chris Carabello of Metaswitch:

“We believe that the winners will be determined by those who deliver the best solution for the mobile worker.”


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