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Out Loud: Examining Metaswitch’s New MaX UC Platform

In this episode of Out Loud we take an in depth look at Metaswitch's latest platform, MaX UC

Out Loud: Examining Metaswitch’s New MaX UC Platform

Patrick is joined by special guest Chris Carabello, who is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Metaswitch Networks.

Chris explains that Max UC has been developed to help Metaswitch’s partners provide the most innovative solution possible, allowing them to succeed in a crowded marketplace. Service Providers are in the process of transforming their offerings to cater for customers with more flexible cloud based services. Mobility is a critical requirement for most businesses so enabling a great mobile experience for workers is going to be crucial.

“We believe that the winners will be determined by those who deliver the best solution for the mobile worker.”

The shift within industry to utilise more mobile technologies requires providers to be able to provision services that are inherently suited to that medium. Chris also believes that this premise will only continue as future generations, who are even more accustomed to mobile working, enter the enterprise workplace. Currently mobile workers are having to utilise multiple applications to manage their communications on the go and this is detrimental to their user experience. This issue is what Metaswitch are hoping to remedy with Max UC. Chris provides Patrick with some specific examples of how existing solutions are causing problems for workers in different market verticals.

“We have recognised the diversity of that enterprise market and have built a tailored experience to most effectively serve them and their mobile workforce.”

One of Metaswitch’s main focuses was to create a service that would bolster and improve user adoption. Often new UCaaS solutions are deployed but their utilisation amongst the workforce does not meet expectations. This can be caused by a number of factors including lack of functionality and the failure to provide a seamless user experience. Enterprise organisations are looking to ensure that any new solution deployed is fully adopted by the users, providing the expected return on investment.

Chris Carabello, Metaswitch

Chris Carabello, Metaswitch

Chris takes Patrick through some of the main features of Max UC that promise to make it a more suitable solution for the mobile worker. Native dialing, CRM integration and seamless device transition are just some of the features that have been developed to offer the most holistic solution.

Ultimately Max UC has been developed by Metaswitch to help their partners succeed in their specific market vertical. If a solution doesn’t offer an enhanced mobile solution then resellers and service providers will begin to fall behind competitors that can provide such as service.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and expert guest Chris Carabello.

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Ian TaylorIan Taylor 12:09, 31 Jan 2019

Great podcast Patrick and Chris, some great points here.

I hope you sort your phone out, Patrick!

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