Microsoft Breaks Down Language Barriers in Teams Meetings

Microsoft's language interpretation feature is now available for Teams users

Language interpretation is now available in Microsoft Teams meetings
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Last Edited: September 22, 2022

Ryan Smith

Technology Journalist

Microsoft has confirmed that language interpretation is generally available for Teams meeting participants.

The feature will allow professional interpreters to translate the speaker’s message into another language without disrupting the original speaker’s flow or delivery.

The company has designed the feature to support its customers who must communicate with users worldwide.

Shalendra Chhabra, Principal PM Manager in Microsoft Teams Meetings,” commented: “Here at Microsoft, we serve a diverse set of global customers, including governmental institutions that hold parliament meetings in multiple languages, multinational and multilingual corporations, businesses that work with vendors around the world, and “many more.

“This feature was built to support customers and users who need to communicate in the virtual world across languages.

Our language interpretation feature will allow professional interpreters to convert the speaker’s message into another language without disrupting the speaker’s original flow or delivery.

Microsoft states that the simultaneous interpretation will allow for more inclusive meetings and allow all participants to collaborate fully, despite language barriers.

Users can listen to a meeting in the language they are most comfortable with, collaborate in meetings where multiple languages are spoken and make spoken content more accessible to all meeting participants.

Meeting organisers can invite interpreters via the options once the meeting is scheduled/saved, or participants of a meeting can be promoted to interpreter status once it has started.

Microsoft has confirmed there is no delay for the interpretation feature, with interpreters able to start translating speech immediately after joining a meeting.

For a meeting with language interpretation enabled, users can select a language channel to listen to when they join the meeting. They should hear the interpreter’s translation at a louder volume than the main speaker.

In August, Microsoft revealed that the Welsh Government had partnered with the company to offer live human translation services.

Designated interpreters will translate during scheduled Teams meetings, and attendees can listen in real-time in a language of their choosing and switch languages during the meeting.

The new feature has been designed to help public bodies and organisations foster inclusivity and understanding when they host meetings in multiple languages.

Microsoft has also recently announced that it is adding several Teams meetings features to its VoIP calls at a time the security of video conferencing platforms has been thrown into question.

According to the Microsoft 365 roadmap, tabs, bots, in-meeting dialogues, and meeting stages will be available in Teams VoIP calls.

All the functionalities of a Teams Meeting can be enjoyed in Teams VoIP Calls.



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