Mondago Meets the Changing Demands for Telephony Solutions

Joshua Felder

Growing integration offerings for growing businesses

Mondago Meets the Changing Demands for Telephony Solutions

From its early beginnings with simple integrations into widely used CRMs, Mondago has been focused on solutions to optimise computer telephony integration (CTI) and the operations the technology supports. Although the landscape has changed dramatically since then, Mondago has kept pace with meeting demands for different integration features, like including call tracking / activity logging, UC Today talked to Mondago’s Product Manager for Application Integration, Nick Hawes, to better understand some of the industry’s changes and how they have maintained a leading position by responding to clients’ needs. “Over the past two years we have focused on call activity logging so that the call history can be directly added to the CRM,” says Hawes.

“This function allows the user to keep track of caller data and in some applications, the notes regarding the conversation. The tracking can include frequency of contact with a caller, the call duration, the start/end time, whether an inbound/outbound call, and other metrics for each caller.”

“More recently we have introduced contact creation features in our products from the perspective of adding new contacts into the CRM and also duplicating contacts from one system to another. This element enables streamlined operations as well as secure tracking of a contact over time”  

Over the past few years, there has been a massive move to cloud-based, and browser-based CRM integrations as demand for on-premise solutions has waned. The overhead of maintaining localised hardware has played a part in driving this shift. Another component in facilitating the change is the rise of companies that are challenging brands like Salesforce in the cloud-only CRM space. More competition means more innovation and more opportunities for customised solutions. 

CRM Integrations for More Than Marketing

There have also been increasingly divergent uses for CRM integrations other than for just sales or marketing. Recruiters, medical offices, and schools are beginning to take advantage of the benefits of Mondago’s robust CRM integration offerings. The industries may be different, but there is always the need to quickly identify a candidate, a patient, or a parent and associate that person with relevant background data. For instance, if someone calls their Doctor’s office to make an appointment or ask a question, the right integration tool can provide information about an outstanding balance, previous visits, or medical contraindications.    

Mondago Meets the Future Now

As CRM integrations become more commonplace in more diverse industries, ease of use and access will be vital for company growth. Customer requests for new integrations have increasingly grown for the Integrations team, receiving 50-60 new integration requests each month with at least 25% of those requests moving on to further investigation. Mondago’s list of integrations is constantly increasing with a current count of 308. Compare that to 179 in 2017, a gain of 129 new integrations in under four years for the Integrations team. They are sure to have the solution needed for almost any use case.  



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