No CRM is Complete without CTI, says InGenius

UC Today meets InGenius VP of Corporate Sales, Jeff Knight

No CRM is Complete without CTI, says InGenius

Though CTI isn’t necessarily a new product, market reports show us that the demand for CTI solutions is higher than ever before, forcing us to wonder why so many businesses still continue to invest in it and what (if any) changes have been made to keep that demand high in a modern market.

Considering this, we decided to direct our thoughts towards InGenius VP of Corporate Sales, Jeff Knight, who told us that CTI solutions have indeed undergone some huge architectural transformations over the last decade and, as a result, are much more reliable than they were say, 8-10 years ago.

“By moving the CTI connection away from requiring a desktop client to being a server based application, InGenius provides their partners and customers with a much more stable and flexible CTI solution that is far easier to support and that can be rolled out across an organisation with minimal effort.”

Alongside these improvements to the way the CTI software is built, Knight claims another reason the CTI market is still thriving is due to the fact that many businesses still rely on CTI software to ensure they get a full return on their CRM investments.

As important as CRM is for a business, investments in it are costly and user adoption rates are quite low, unless a CTI solution is set in place to ensure that employees and agents are using their CRM software consistently during every call.

Moreover, CTI is also hugely beneficial from a reporting standpoint as information is being automatically logged during every interaction, thus enabling businesses to create reports directly out of their CRM. With these reports, data is more consistent and accurate, giving businesses a much clearer view on what is happening with the business and how well agents are engaging with the customer.

What impact has CRM growth had on the growth of CTI?

Given that CRM revenues have more than doubled in last five years, we then asked Knight what impact this growth has had on the CTI market and to what extent InGenius has benefitted from it.

He told us that CRM growth and CTI growth typically go hand in hand and for service providers, having that ability to integrate a phone system with a CRM is a real value add and key brand differentiator.

“From the CRM side, vendors realise that adding CTI integration with the phone makes the CRM a lot stickier in the customer environment so they’re always willing to push CTI as well.”

Given that InGenius integrates with some market leading brands such as Salesforce, ServiceNow and Microsoft Dynamics, and it makes those CRMs work with some of the leading phone system platforms like Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, Genesys and Asterisk, it’s clear to see how such a sticky product can offer service providers the opportunity to add huge value to a sale.

What sets InGenius apart from the rest?

Aside from providing a top-quality CTI solution, Knight informs us that one of the things that truly differentiates InGenius from other competitors on the market is their devotion to delivering the best possible service for their customers and ensuring that they get the most from their product.

“From day one our founder, Rich Loen, had put forth this idea InGenius needed to be the Zappos of CTI, and that high level of service is reflected in our five-star reviews listed on the Saleforce AppExchange, many of which come from customer support and after sales care.”


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