Out Loud: Customer Feedback Key for Gamma

Today on Out Loud, Gamma are the guests to update everyone on their year so far and future plans

Out Loud: Customer Feedback Key for Gamma

Patrick was joined by special guest Gamma’s Alan Mackie

Alan Mackie is the Product Director at Gamma and therefore has the perfect insight to discuss their plans for the portfolio. Alan explains that the last 12 months have been very successful for Gamma increasing their EPITDA by around 27%. The finances only formulate part of the picture with Gamma and Alan explains that other metrics are just as important.

“One of the key highlights of the year has been our Net Promoter score going up. So in terms of how people want to deal with us and their ability to recommend us, that went up by 19% year on year, which we are very pleased with.”

Out Loud Alan Mackie Gamma

Alan Mackie, Gamma

Gamma and Alan are also proud that they have continued grow the business in terms of staff numbers. The partner community is also incredibly important to Gamma and Alan explains some of the tools and features they have made available to support the partner community.

In terms of technology, Gamma launched their Connect product which integrates their hosted voice service into a mobile communication environment.

“It’s been a very successful product for us – lots of interest in the market, lots of customers are looking to support mobility and this model is one of the simpler ways to do it.”

Alan explains that this is part of a trend that Gamma are seeing where more and more business are looking at mobile-centric communications. Compliance and GDPR regulations have also been a huge factor Gamma as more and more customers have looked to them to help improve compliance within their communications.

“The key thing is, how do we work with end customers? Especially smaller businesses, to deliver that in a way that isn’t cumbersome for them and doesn’t add too much cost.”

Alan also touches on the contextualisation of unified communications, as more and more businesses want their communications integrated with their primary business application, and Gamma are helping organisations to do that. The demands on network connectivity are also growing as more and more services move into the cloud.

Finally Patrick asks Alan about Gamma’s strategy for the next the 12 months. Improving connectivity and examining the benefits of SD-WAN are both critical focuses for Gamma to try and improve customer network performance. Gamma are also helping their customers to leverage the advantages of mobile hardware, laptops, desktops and mobile phones. Within the office environment this relies on great Wi-Fi and Gamma are developing solutions to assist their partners with that.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Alan Mackie of Gamma.

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