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Out Loud: Explore Innovation at the Cavell Cloud Comms Summit

We preview the Cavell Cloud Comms Summit which will be taking place in London later this year

Out Loud: Explore Innovation at the Cavell Cloud Comms Summit

Patrick was joined on the podcast by Matt Townend who is the Director of Cavell.

Matt starts by explaining the background reasoning behind the Cavell Cloud Comms Summit. The London summit in March is their main European event offering the Service Provider community an opportunity to meet and share ideas and insights. This year the main focus for the event is innovation, as Matt explains.

“So within the cloud comms community we are talking about innovation and how important innovation is, and the different forms of innovation. Looking at how people have used innovation to win in their relative markets.”

Innovation does not only refer to technological aspects, the event will also focus on commercial innovation to understand how different approaches can lead to success in different areas.

Matt then tells Patrick about some of the main speakers and about some of the panels that will be taking place during the event. Cavell welcome speakers from across various different European markets providing a broad spectrum of ideas and varied insights. All of the territories differ greatly and therefore Service Providers are able to understand more about alternative working practices.

Cavell also take the opportunity to provide the Service Provider Community with insights from key vendors within the industry. Matt tells Patrick that Cisco, Mitel and Oracle are just some of the key players who will be in attendance.

“That’s one of the other things that people stay when they come to our events, it’s a great opportunity as a service provider to meet a large number of vendors in one place, in one day.”

When it comes to technological innovation Cavell are focused on helping their partners uncover the potential in new and emerging platforms. For the first time this year they are running an SD-WAN track as they have seen a huge uptake in SD-WAN solutions across the Atlantic in the United States which has potential relevance for European providers too. Sponsored by Ribbon Communications the track will focus on innovation and use cases around SD-WAN.

Out Loud Cavell

Matt Townend, Cavell Group

Matt also informs Patrick about this year’s special guest speaker, John Straw, formerly of Thomas Cook who will be focusing on how innovation can revolutionise a business.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Matt Townend.

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