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Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – Game Changing Products with Dialpad

In this episode of Out Loud, Dialpad are the guest on the podcast to review their 2018 and look ahead to next year

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – Game Changing Products with Dialpad

Patrick was joined by special guest Dan O’Connell who is the General Manager of VoiceAI at Dialpad.

Dan joined Dialpad as part of the acquisition of TalkIQ, a specialist AI company. The acquisition took place in May and was shortly followed by Dialpad announcing the release of their VoiceAI product, which Dan now manages.

“That VoiceAI product is all of the real-time features that are leveraging speech recognition and NLP, (natural language processing) so we are doing things like automated note taking within every Dialpad call.”

Dialpad also launched their call centre product, Dialpad Support, which is designed to offer smaller businesses enhanced features to help them provide great customer experiences, CX. The philosophy which Dialpad employ across their portfolio is centred on innovation and helping their customers. “How do you take business communications, and how do you leverage these new technologies to really build game-changing products?”

Dan explains that the historical use of emerging technologies has often involved third party application integration, whereas Dialpad are able to offer these features natively at every level of their proposition. The internal integration since the acquisition has all gone incredibly smoothly and they were able to immediately release products using the new synergies. VoiceAI is now their major focus for the future. Dan provides Patrick with some genuine examples of how the technologies can be used to dramatically improve communication systems and their efficiency.

Patrick and Dan also discuss the changing model within the modern contact centre. The shifting view of a contact centre, purely as a cost, to that of a platform which can offer real value and brand enhancement if utilised properly. Dialpad are focused on ensuring that every brand interaction can be valuable for their customers.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson is joined by special guest Dan O’Connell of Dialpad.

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