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Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – Next Generation Communication with 2600Hz

In this episode of Out Loud Co-Founder of 2600Hz, Patrick Sullivan, is our guest to review their year to date and look ahead to the future

Out Loud: UC Awards 2018 – Next Generation Communication with 2600Hz

Patrick was joined by special guest Patrick Sullivan, Co-Founder of 2600Hz.

2600Hz was founded on the principle of distributed technology platforms to enable infinite scalability and redundancy.

“It’s not just a phone system any more, it’s a phone system that’s connected to your CRM and it’s a phone system that has programmable APIs.”

The new technology features enable customers to develop some really interesting use cases and end to end solutions for their individual organisations. Patrick provides various real world examples of how customers are using the technology.

Primarily an engineering company 2600Hz rely on the automation of tasks to minimise the logistics of internal staff. The internal engineering team continues to grow so that they can further develop the platform’s tools.

CPaaS has become increasingly popular for organisations within the industry and 2600Hz are able to utilise this popularity to integrate UCaaS and CPaaS within their platform. CX provision is the key aspect of the platform and that is underpinned by the reliability, integration and customisation that 2600Hz offer.

“10 years ago the philosophy for the major telcos was, we don’t want to give access to our customers, we want customers to have a very controlled environment where they don’t have anything outside of the box. Now it’s totally flipped on its head where I think a lot of these telcos are seeing where the market is changing and so they are starting to embrace CPaaS.”

The main areas of focus for the organisation over the next year will be the continued development of the platform to further empower service providers around the world. 2600Hz are developing an end to end billing solution which is unheard of in the industry because of its historical complexity.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Patrick Sullivan of 2600Hz.

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