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Out Loud: What is iPaaS? Find Out With Masergy

Dean Manzoori of Masergy joins Patrick in this episode to examine the technology platforms that can help in the process of digital transformation

Out Loud: What is iPaaS? Find Out With Masergy

Joining Patrick on the podcast today is Dean Manzoori, VP of Cloud Communications at Masergy.

Dean uses Masergy’s huge experience in the industry to define digital transformation (DX) within the enterprise environment. Dean also explains some of the basic principles that allow effective DX, such as agile and flexible platforms.

“Digital transformation for an enterprise means leveraging technology to solve traditional problems and achieve greater levels of efficiency, in other words to increase productivity.”

Patrick then asks Dean about why there is such a drive towards transforming digitally. Dean provides some examples of how businesses have used integration within technology platforms to gain a huge level of efficiency and therefore have been able to achieve great success within their given market. If enterprises can take advantage of technology platforms that allow these integrations they have the capability to transform, not only themselves but also, their industry as a whole. Dean warns of some of the dangers that exist if organisations don’t look to examine the new possibilities.

“To stay competitive organisations can no longer afford to leave valuable data in disconnected silos.”

Dean provides various examples of how organisations can look to use tools that connect disparate systems to their advantage. However combining all of these systems, utilising the available APIs, is not always straight forward and can be an incredibly complex process, as Dean explains. Masergy offer their customers iPaaS solutions, integrated platforms as a service, to enable them to utilise all of the benefits of systems integration whilst avoiding some of the complexities.

Dean Manzoori, Masergy

Dean Manzoori, Masergy

“If you have a platform that makes it easy for customers to go out to innovate and create workflows that are meaningful to them, and if we give them those tools I am sure they are going to come up with innovative ways to automate their own businesses.”

Masergy’s iPaaS solutions allow customers to levergae maximum efficiency from integrating their technology platforms in the simplest way possible, as Dean tells us. Dean also provides some examples of how Masergy customers are using the platforms today.

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Tech Journalist Patrick Watson and special guest Dean Manzoori of Masergy.

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