Panasonic Launch Next-Gen IP-based Comms Server at Enterprise Connect 2018

On Monday at Enterprise Connect 2018 Panasonic unveiled its newest solution for the growing enterprise & we were there

Panasonic Launch Next-Gen IP-based Comms Server at Enterprise Connect 2018

Panasonic KX-NSX2000

Enterprise Connect 2018 is the perfect platform for organisations to announce and showcase their newest solutions. Today we spoke to Panasonic as they release their new IP-based business communication server.

The KX-NSX2000 utilises the latest IP networking technology, enabling organisations to manage up to 2000 devices over 32 different locations. Designed to offer smooth communications across, and within, individual sites the solution can be managed from a central location reducing the requirement for additional administration.

Product Managers for Panasonic Gary Moeller and Oliver Bodden told us more about the new solution live at Enterprise Connect 2018.

“We are trying to get our resellers to move from digital to IP. This (KX-NSX2000) is the next level, going all IP and able to manage up to 2,000 devices so it’s suitable for organisations with hundreds of users with multiple devices”

Panasonic Business Logo
A variety of new features come as standard with the KX-NSX2000 such as internal calls across separate office sites, single sign-on and mobile phone integration. Crucially the system incorporates built in resilience. As the KX-NSX2000 is a multi-connection system an individual PBX at each site is able to operate as a standalone system in the event of wider networking issues.

“With these next generation devices redundancy is critical, we had to add this feature”

As well as a host of other functions Panasonic also enable an optional built-in call centre function. This solution will enable call monitoring and full call history reports. It has been designed to enable customers to better understand and improve their customer experience provision. On demand customer service agents and management can record and backup customer interactions for training and compliance purposes.

“We have added to our pre-existing call centre provision, for the SMB customer they don’t have to buy a third party solution, they can use our server”

Gary and Oliver gave us a demonstration of the KX-NSX2000 live at EC 2018 this morning and the solution really does appear to be able to offer a seamless communication solution for the small to medium enterprise. As a starting platform for organisations the solution offers great options for flexibility and scalability.

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