PCI Pal’s Inaugural Payment Security/CX Event was a Big Success

Linoy Doron

Over 85 organisations and industry experts gathered so share insights on payment security and customer experience

PCI Pal’s Inaugural Payment Security/CX Event was a Big Success

PCI Pal has recently hosted its inaugural virtual conference, dedicated to secure payments, CX, and the continuously increasing connection between the two as a result of the pandemic. 

Payments: The Future of Security and CX was tailored with changing customer needs in mind, aiming to share and receive valuable insights from top experts in the payment industry. Keynotes addressed burning issues such as new industry developments, data security and compliance – all in the context of the new normal.  

So let’s have a look at what PCI Pal did there, shall we? 

More than Just Regulations: Payment Security as a CX Tool

COVID-19 has made its mark on almost all business sectors, but one sector has been particularly affected: the retail industry. The conference’s opening keynote, following a welcome from PCI Pal CEO, James Barham, dealt with just that. Internationally-renowned industry expert, Neira Jones focused on payment and data security challenges that retailers now have to face, alongside their impact on customer experience.  

Jones explored new trends in the payment industry that can help retailers adapt to the new reality, as they are forced to accelerate digital transformation to offer online payment capabilities. She discussed some of the most up-to-date solutions, from touchless options like QR codes and in-app payments; to digital wallets, voice shopping and open banking. 

One of the most refreshing twists in Jones’s keynote was her perspective on the way businesses should approach the issue of data security as they transition to online payments.  

As more retailers enable omnichannel payments, cybersecurity breaches grow in number and breadth, which requires increased attention to data security. 

Jones’s advice for retailers was to approach this not as a tiresome task of complying with data security standards but as another way of delivering a great customer experience. For, ultimately, customers who get an efficient payment experience and know that their data is safe are happier, more loyal customers. 

Insights from Partners

Next on the agenda were partner breakout sessions. 

The conference’s over-300 attendees had the opportunity to take part in various breakout sessions, hosted by some of PCI Pal‘s most prominent partners. The sessions dealt with further payment security/CX topics, such as digitisation of payments, compliance strategies, retails trends and cybersecurity threats. 

Partners hosting breakout sessions included 8×8, Oracle, Civica, Vonage, Capita Pay360, Conn3ct, NICE inContact, PayPal, Calabrio, Talkdesk, and Worldpay from FIS; each bringing their respective, rich experience and insight to the table. 

PCI Compliance: Current Challenges and Future Proofing

Ciske Van Oosten, Head of Global Business Intelligence at Verizon, was the one to close the event. In his closing keynote, Van Oosten focused on the topic of PCI compliance, dealing with ongoing  challenges and referring specifically to the decline in compliance sustainability as a result of the pandemic. 

Ciske shared insights on how to achieve and maintain PCI compliance, stating that the goal should be the development and maintenance of a mature data security compliance programme rooted in sound strategy. This, in turn, should result in sustainable and effective data security with continuous and consistent improvement. 

Van Oosten expressed his hope that attendees have gained useful insights that would help them better manage their security compliance strategies, now and in the future. 

Jane Goodayle, SVP Global Marketing at PCI Pal, concluded:  

“We’re delighted with the response to our inaugural conference. It was great to see the interactions and participation from global attendees and partners. We send an extremely large thank you to all involved, and look forward to welcoming attendees next year” 



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