Performance Monitoring: Automation the Key to Efficient Always-On Assurance 

Simon Wright

App innovators telisca on why its clever testing tool can transform the vital health check

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Performance Monitoring: Automation the Key to Efficient Always-On Assurance 

How often do you check that your mission-critical business systems are doing their thing? 

Not an occasional cursory check – a definitive deep-dive into the real-time performance of your IT and telecommunications. 

It should be happening every day. 

But, depending on an organisation’s size and scale, that kind of daily health check can require so much resource that the costs outweigh the benefits. 

Automation, of course, changes all of that. 

It is why many of the world’s smarter enterprises – both large AND small – are turning to clever and affordable software plug-ins that are taking once-labour intensive processes and turning them into fast, light-touch game-changers. 

Performance monitoring is perhaps the area in which these innovations are currently having the most impact. 

After all, with a growing number of internal and external communications occurring on cloud-based platforms, ensuring that an organisation’s on AND off-premise functionality is working as it should now rank highly on the daily to-do list.     

“Increased complexity and sophistication of enterprise communication systems and platforms is, of course, a good thing, but with increased complexity also comes increased risk of compromised performance,” says Ben Djamaluddin, Business Development Head at UK-based Microsoft and Cisco app innovator telisca. 

Its neat ‘Morning Check’ plug-in solution can be deployed across Cisco-powered systems to quickly and effectively verify the proper functioning of telephony and collaboration systems. 

That’s desk phones, softphones, video collaboration Endpoints, Cisco Unified Communication Services, voicemail, SIP trunk, UCCX, XMPP Servers, TFTP Server, switches, routers, backups, and third-party applications, as well as testing voice gateway status or CUCM services. 

That’s a lot of daily (highly valuable) automated testing – freeing up system administrators to focus on more strategic, efficiency-driving processes. 

“We live in an always-on world and 24/7 operability is absolutely business-critical for many organisations,” says Djamaluddin. 

“Most organisations will routinely monitor their networks, but not all will check and test all of their various applications and services. 

“That’s because, historically, that has been a very manual and time-consuming process. 

“The Morning Check solution’s automation of the process means the right checks are carried out at the same time every day. 

“Users select the checks they want to perform; what functionality they want to test; and the time of day they want to do it. 

“Once deployed and configured to respond to an organisation’s specific requirements, it sits in the background of a system, ticking along and reporting any errors via email alerts. 

“No matter what the device, if it is on an organisation’s Cisco network then Morning Check is testing and verifying it each and every day. 

“We know that automation, in general, is having a positive impact on all aspects of business telephony and IT all over the world, and we know it is the single most important current technological innovation that is likely to further shape the future of how a business operates. 

“Any small automations within any business can add up to seriously big efficiencies. Morning Check is a great place to start.” 

The telisca offering – available direct or indirect via the channel – is as appealing to Managed Service Providers as it is to end-user enterprises. 

Many organisations’ Cisco networks are managed by third-party MSPs for whom effective and affordable automation applications can provide the basis for a potentially rewarding customer cross-selling conversation. 

 “The solution is highly adaptable and we are always able to advise on customisation,” says Djamaluddin. 

“And we are able to provide our channel reseller partners with lots of support to ensure both they AND their customers maximise its potential to add significant value.” 

  • To find out more about how telisca can help you and your customers’ businesses grow through increased efficiency, visit telisca.



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