Poly Lens Review: Smart Device Management for 2022

Poly Lens is a much-needed addition to the company’s hardware series of products

Poly Lens Review
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Published: September 8, 2022

Anwesha Roy

Technology Reporter

Device management is a top priority as companies return to the office and strengthen their endpoint infrastructure. An intelligent device management solution like Poly Lens can help IT administrators provide bulk endpoints, manage configurations, and keep the entire landscape secure. While Poly launched the software at Integrated Systems Europe 2020, it has recently seen several new updates, adding a mobile app capability. For companies with existing investments in Poly hardware, the Poly Lens solution brings a host of capabilities to the table.

Understanding What Is Poly Lens

Poly Lens is a cloud-based device management solution compatible with unified communications (UC) endpoints like Poly voice, video, and headset devices. It allows IT administrators and UC users to manage the hardware ecosystem remotely.

Reviewing the solution broadly, its capabilities span four main categories:

1. Device management

Poly Lens simplifies the administration of collaborative devices, systems, and services via seamless onboarding and setup, inventory control, and upgrade assistance. The user interface is straightforward and sophisticated, allowing IT teams and administrators to install, administer, and manage their Poly devices quickly.

2. Device insights

Data by itself is not useful. As a result, the intelligent news feed feature pushes the envelope beyond merely accumulating data. It prioritizes and reveals actionable information for improving user acceptance and device uptimes. Poly Lens has recently undergone enhancements incorporating room-based insights and dynamic maps, adding the actual workplace to this tactical perspective.

3. Cloud-based device services

It is a versatile and secure solution for business cloud communications migration. It guarantees that consumers don’t lose previous data or insight while switching from a voice as a service (VaaS) provider to a newer vendor. Poly Lens is accessible from anywhere and is supported by a reliable cloud service, delivering value without requiring significant IT lifting.

4. Personalized device management

The Poly Lens App is a sophisticated tool that allows users to tailor their gadgets to their requirements. It even has built-in, customizable health and wellness reminders – such as reminding users to stay hydrated and active throughout the workday. With Find My Gadget, you can always find a UC device when you’re on the move.

Reviewing the Key Features of Poly Lens

Delving deeper into these three areas of impact. Poly Lens offers the following key features:

  • Simple device onboarding for one or many devices within minutes
  • Management of voice, video, and headsets within a single interface
  • Intelligent news feeds to monitor connection status and device health
  • Device alerts delivered via premium software enabled with Poly+
  • Automation with bulk provisioning policies
  • Simple user app for device personalization while in the office, remote, or mobile
  • Geo-location tags to visualize where each device is situated
  • Poly Lens App for mobile (available from June 2022)

The Poly Lens User Experience (UX)

The Poly Lens software goes a long way in simplifying the UX for both IT administrators and end users. By using a QR code or a short pin code, administrators may bring new devices to their UC landscape. There’s no need to enter detailed technical information or spend hours combing through datasheets. Poly Lens is mainly intended for administrative usage. Hence secure access is required. Poly Lens has single sign-on (SSO) technology that works for both Microsoft and Google credentials, providing users with a convenient and compliance-friendly solution.

Poly Lens’ UI is modeled around social media information design standards via newsfeeds, making the learning curve seamless. All relevant changes and alerts are shown in a dynamic newsfeed that prioritizes them intelligently. Lens provides remote troubleshooting for Poly devices, easing IT responsibilities. Any problem or status update will display on your newsfeed, and users may take immediate action.

Data, Security, and Analytics

The Poly Lens insights module provides administrators with natural language analytics that are understandable even by non-technical staff. For example, it informs you how many minutes users used a conferencing location, how this compares to the organization-wide average, and if there is an increasing or decreasing trend.

Another important feature is data preservation. Poly Lens saves audio and video conferencing data even if you change providers. Consequently, participants may map essential information like conferencing room use, technology investment to ROI ratio, and so on over time and throughout the digital transformation pathway. Poly Lens includes single sign-on (SSO) technology using Microsoft or Google accounts to guarantee a mix of simplicity and compliance.

What Are the Benefits of Poly Lens?

Poly Lens reduces operational expenses by enabling insights-based UC decision-making. Because of the Poly Lens portal’s comprehensive cloud-first deployment, users can sign in using Google or Microsoft credentials from the Poly Lens site.

With single sign-on access, users may avoid forgotten passwords and the anxiety they may cause. Centralized provisioning makes onboarding easier, whether it is for just one or thousands of devices. Employees may benefit from Poly’s easy-to-use app that enables them to customize their device, update software, and receive assistance no matter where their job takes them.

Poly Lens is an essential addition to the company’s hardware offerings. Other endpoint management solutions, such as the RealPresence Resource Manager System, are currently available from the company, but they must be configured separately for each device model or variant. Lens alters this with a single, cloud-first approach that makes connecting a device to IT dashboards as simple as pushing a button.

Which Devices Does Poly Lens Currently Support?

Poly Lens is compatible with many devices, including the Blackwire and Voyager headsets, the Poly Studio endpoint series, Trio devices, Sync speakerphones, CCX and VVX desk telephones, and many others. The principal use case for Lens is its ability to identify and resolve endpoint usage issues. As businesses increase their investments in UC tech in an increasingly hybrid world, Poly Lens can help optimize ROI and smart device utilization. All registered Poly users will have access to the solution.



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