Ribbon Session Border Controller (SBC) Portfolio Review

Tying up loose communication ends with Ribbon

Ribbon Session Border Controller (SBC) Portfolio Review

Today, there’s more to a great communication stack than just the right endpoints.

In a world where businesses need the best voice quality, unbeatable security, and state-of-the-art features to thrive, IP communications are quickly emerging as the standard solution for many companies. Voice over IP allows today’s brands to tap into the scalability and innovation of the internet, all while saving money on their phone bills. However, to unlock this new technology, some organisations will need the support of a Session Border Controller.

Ribbon LogoSBCs are the devices working behind the scenes in a communication environment to ensure that video, voice and data communications meet the high standards of today’s companies. Ribbon Communications is a specialist in IP communications and SBC technology, offering secure, real-time connections for today’s ever-more-agile world. Today, we’ll be looking at the features of Ribbon’s robust next-generation SBC portfolio.

Features & Benefits

Ribbon’s SBCs give today’s companies the flexibility they need to take advantage of the changing communication environment, without compromising on service quality or security. With an SBC from Ribbon, you can unlock all the benefits of seamless IP connections no matter your company size or vertical.

Here are just some of the options in the Ribbon SBC portfolio, and their features:

SBC Software Edition (SBC SWe)

Ribbon’s SBC Software Edition service contains the same software as the award-winning SBC 5000 and 7000 products from Ribbons, but it’s delivered over the cloud. Through virtualisation, Ribbon provides instant access to secure real-time communications for any virtual or cloud environment. Features include:

  • Proven SBC feature set with carrier-class redundancy
  • Deployable in private clouds, AWS public cloud, or VMware
  • Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business certified
  • Support for media transcoding with industry-leading GPU support
  • Support for network function virtualisation chaining with Ribbon policy management and call routing
  • Robust internetworking tools for multiple protocols (including SIP and H.323)
  • SIP Message Manipulation
  • Call Admission Control
  • Enhanced encryption and security features

SBC Software Edition Lite

The Lite edition of the Ribbon SBC SE is a virtualised system designed for small to mid-sized companies. The solution comes with remote installation, and licence key activation, so it’s easy to deploy quickly in any environment, without any on-site technicians. Features include:

  • Optimised for smaller environments with highly-constrained RAM and CPU
  • Advanced call routing with Active Directory Integration
  • Built-in SIP Registrar
  • Reliable and repeatable scaling without reboots or call drops
  • Protection from Denial of Service attacks, RTTP messages, and more
  • Intuitive provisioning interface (same as Ribbon SBC 1000, and 2000)

Ribbon SBC 1000

The Ribbon SBC 1000 gives smaller companies the same security and internetworking features that used to be reserved for larger service providers. Ideal for companies looking for a way to meet agile and scaling telephony demands. Features include:

  • Web GUI for management and provisioning
  • REST API for rapid provisioning
  • Topology hiding, protection against DoS and encryption
  • Certified Skype for Business Gateway, SBC, and branch appliance
  • Adaptable to various connectivity needs including BRI, PRI, FXO, and FXS
  • 160 concurrent sessions without failure

Ribbon SBC 2000

The Ribbon Session Border Controller 2000 delivers a blend of security and innovation for medium-sized businesses in need of VoIP support. The 2000 SBC, like the other SBCs in this portfolio, is highly adaptable and scalable. Features include:

  • Encryption, protection against DoS, and topology hiding
  • Survivable branch for Skype for Business
  • Connects endpoints with disparate codecs and protocols
  • Third-party verification
  • Provision and manage APIs through simple Web GUI
  • Monitor Skype QoE
Ribbon SBC 7000

Ribbon SBC 7000

Ribbon SBC 5110

The Ribbon SBC 5110 addresses the session requirements of mid-sized and larger enterprises in any IP multimedia environment. This platform can manage up to 10,000 sessions, with state-of-the-art capabilities for security, scalability, and flexibility. Features include:

  • Multimedia SBC support for collaboration, video, and audio
  • No loss performance during scale
  • Certified interoperability with leading solutions
  • Complete protection against theft of service, and DoS attacks
  • IPv6 and IPv4 networks enabled for seamless computability

Ribbon SBC 5110

The largest enterprises and service providers across the world use the SBC 5210 from Ribbon to support their networks for real-time communication. The Ribbon SBC supports real-time, SIP-based multimedia sessions for video and VoIP at a high level. Features include:

  • Support for Audio, collaboration, and video with advanced priority, security and identity features.
  • All product features can be operational at the same time.
  • Certified interoperability with leading SIP solutions
  • Modular DSP design
  • Protection against DoS attacks, theft of service and more
  • Seamless connection between IPv6 and IPv4 networks
  • Embedded routing and policy
  • Skype for Business qualified
  • FIPS-140-2 and JITC certified

Ribbon SBC 5400

The Ribbon SBC 5400 is an incredible service provider and enterprise-level SBC platform intended to enhance the real-time communications of today and tomorrow. With seamless upgrades available for companies who need to adapt their requirements regularly, the Ribbon SBC 5400 is a proven piece of hardware, ideal for companies who want their SBC solutions on premises. Features include:

  • Fantastic scalability
  • Multimedia support for video, collaboration, and audio
  • Support for all product features enabled at once
  • Certified SIP interoperability
  • Protection from DoS attacks, high performance, and theft of service
  • Embedded policy and routing for network optimisation
  • Deployment available as an interconnect server between service provider core and access networks
  • Skype for Business qualified
  • FIPS-140-2 certified

Ribbon SBC 7000

Large enterprises and service providers can both benefit from the Ribbon SBC 7000, designed to support high-capacity requirements for multimedia real-time SIP traffic. The SBC 7000 can handle as many as 150,000 sessions through simple software licensing, allowing for quick expansion in even the most complicated environments. Features include:

  • Proven high-quality platform
  • Custom built-in media transcoding firmware not available from any other SBC vendor
  • Software licensing for up to 150,000 sessions with unparalleled performance and session capacity two times greater than most solutions.
  • SIP interoperability with leading solutions
  • IPv6 and IPv6 can work seamlessly together with no upgrades
  • Complete protection from Theft of Service and DoS attack
  • IP-PBX and cloud UC migration
  • Available as a interconnect SBC between two service providers
  • FIPS-140-2 certified
  • Skype for business qualified
  • Embedded policy and routing

Ribbon Q21

The Ribbon Q21 is a high-performance 2 rack unit solution available from Ribbon, offering integrated SBC for enterprise SBC and service providers. The system features 10G interfaces, and leverages the greatest DPDK technology on the market, scaling up to 70,000 SIP voice sessions for call centres, businesses, and provider networks.

Target Market & Regional Availability

Ribbon is a global company with locations across six continents and 25 countries. Their market-leading portfolio has customers in almost every region of the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and many more.

Virtually any size of company can benefit from the SBC portfolio from Ribbon, including small businesses, mid-sized companies, large enterprises, and even service providers.

How to Buy & Pricing

Ribbon takes their products to market through a dedicated selection of channel partners, service providers, and independent software vendors. What’s more, Ribbon also has connections world-class ecosystem of tech providers like AWS, IBM, and Microsoft. To purchase SBC technology from Ribbon, contact a local partner or reseller.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

For companies looking for a way to build their IP telephony experience, Ribbon offers a scalable selection of secure, high-quality SBC devices. Whether you want a virtualised session border controller delivered entirely through state-of-the-art software, or you’re looking for something to build on-premises, Ribbon has you covered.

Q: What is a Session Border Controller?

A: A Session Border Controller (SBC) is a network function securing VoIP environments in modern business, enterprise, and service provider environments. Ribbon’s wide range of Session Border Controllers help today’s organisations take advantage of the growing IP environment and the scalability of Internet-based telephony.

Q: What makes Ribbon SBCs stand out?

A: The SBC portfolio from Ribbon offers some of the most secure and innovative session border controller solutions on the market. Companies and service providers around the world have been trusting Ribbon’s SBC expertise for more than 15 years.

Have you built your telecommunications stack with one of Ribbon’s SBCs? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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