AdEPT and Virsae: How VSM Helps Improve Managed Services

We speak to AdEPT about the benefits of VSM

AdEPT and Virsae: How VSM Helps Improve Managed Services
Unified Communications Director, Richard Burbage

AdEPT Unified Communications Director, Richard Burbage

Staying ahead of the game in today’s UC marketplace is all about delivering an unforgettable experience for your target audience. Tools for service management in unified communications like Virsae’s VSM can help brands to deliver more predictable solutions to their customers, ensuring long-term loyalty and satisfaction.

For many organisations today, Virsae is changing the face of service management tools for good, delivering a landscape through which support providers can offer proactive solutions to their clients. To learn more about the possibilities of VSM, I decided to speak to one of Virsae’s advocates, AdEPT, about the impact the solution might be having on their company.

Unified Communications Director, Richard Burbage, was on hand to speak to me about how the platform has added value to the AdEPT brand and given them the ability to differentiate themselves from other providers on the market.

Tell Us about Yourself and AdEPT

Before Richard Burbage was responsible for running the Fleet offices of AdEPT and joining the Board, he was heading up the Avaya reseller company “Centrix”. Centrix was acquired by AdEPT in 2015, as part of an attempt to move into managed services and cloud deployments.

AdEPT has shown a great deal of strength in the UC industry, with an average turnover of around £50 million, and the successful completion of numerous acquisitions, including the purchase of “AtomWide”, a company responsible for voice and data strategies used in 4,000 schools around London.

“As one of the largest bases for Avaya products in the country, we’ve worked exclusively as an Avaya channel partner for the better part of 20 years now. While we can offer the traditional “break-fix” options for maintenance and support to some of our customers, we feel that managed services are becoming a stronger part of our company portfolio, thanks to Virsae’s VSM.”

Why Did You Choose Virsae VSM?

Richard told me that AdEPT decided to pursue a solution from Virsae several years ago. In fact, they’ve been working with VSM for around 7 years now. “The value of the platform has continued to increase exponentially from day one, giving us better ROI across the board for everything from licensing consolidation and trunk utilisation, to enhanced network visibility and fault reporting.”

The benefits of VSM have meant that AdEPT has been able to improve customer experience (CX) significantly while allowing engineers to perform tasks more efficiently too.

“We’re delivering the kind of proactive service that ensures our customer needs are consistently met.”

Burbage noted that many of the competitors in the marketplace have failed to offer a simple solution for service and support management up until this point. “Unlike us, much of the competition doesn’t include or offer VSM alongside the other products in their portfolio as a traditional support or managed service. This means that we can really differentiate ourselves in the market.”

How Do You Think VSM Is Improving Business Operations?

Richard noted that with the help of VSM, AdEPT have been able to take a far more holistic approach in their efforts as a growing company.

“We’re now actively moving further away from typical break-fix contracts and beginning to focus more on fully-managed services and having conversations with customers based on cradle-to-grave reporting, diagnostics, and fast analytics.”

Working primarily in the medium to large end of the market, Burbage and AdEPT have been able to really make an impact on their chosen niche. Burbage told me that the scalability options delivered by VSM could mean that they can serve businesses of all shapes and sizes through a completely flexible solution.

“To break it down, we’ve currently got the AdEPT part – which is the 24/7 help-desk, break-fix solution, alongside an Avaya part – which includes software upgrades and support, security fixes, and dot fixes, and of course, VSM, which is the platform  that glues everything together and oversees it all.”

When it comes to figuring out how much value VSM has within the engineering team, Burbage noted that if it was possible, they’d prefer to have VSM on every customer account – as it would simply make helping and supporting clients a lot easier.

“Besides alerts, real-time diagnostics, and self-healing abilities, the historical reporting solutions allow our engineers to quickly discover where a problem is coming from to resolve it as fast as possible.”

With the help of Virsae, AdEPT is another example of a  progressive organisation  adding more value to their managed services, and ensuring that customer demands are met with efficiency and speed.

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