IP Netix Boosts Value with the Help of VSM

We speak to IP Netix about Virsae’s VSM

IP Netix Boosts Value with the Help of VSM

How do you manage your UC strategy? Today, Virsae’s VSM has thoroughly established itself as a global market leader when it comes to service management. This unique platform helps to give companies complete control over their unified communication strategy, to ensure that services can be offered to clients efficiently, and cost-effectively.

To find out more about how VSM can work for different companies in the industry, I caught up with one of the product’s biggest advocates, IP Netix. The Sales and Marketing Director for the brand, Martin Dolce, was happy to share his thoughts on how VSM has helped to improve the performance of the business in the UK marketplace.

Tell Us About IP Netix?

Martin Dolce

Sales and Marketing Director for IP Netix, Martin Dolce

IP Netix was founded around 10 years ago, as a privately-owned engineering company in the UK, responsible for offering professional services and supports to people using products in the Avaya portfolio. Dolce told me: “As a brand working exclusively with Avaya, we need to deliver a high level of expertise on all of our products and ensure customers can get the most out of our contact centre solutions. From the very beginning, we’ve been devoted to working alongside Avaya to become the most valued service specialists for partners in the UK market”.

Currently, IP Netix employs around 22 experienced engineers in their network, and they have about 500 customers, with 300,000 ports across the globe. During the last 18 months, the company has been developing the efficiency of their 24/7 support strategy, with the help of VSM.

“The system has played a crucial role in helping our brand to go that one step further for our customers. It really supports our ambition to start engaging with customers more clearly and resolving their issues as quickly as possible.”

How Does IP Netix Differentiate Itself?

iPNetix LogoIn today’s highly saturated marketplace, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies of all shapes and sizes to set themselves apart from other competitors in the industry. Martin told me that he decided to move to IP Netix after years working for large corporations like IBM, BT, and Vodafone. “I believed that joining a smaller company could help me to really focus on my vision of giving customers 100% satisfaction from their supplier.”

With VSM, Dolce is moving ever-closer to his goal. He told me that the most crucial differentiation factor for any business today, revolves around customer service and experience. Solutions need to be fast, efficient, and transparent to the customer.

“Most people already have Avaya support thanks to the increasing demands of the fast-paced digital world we’re living in today. Clients expect issues to be resolved instantly, and unfortunately, the basic solutions aren’t enough. Virsae was our opportunity to upgrade the opportunities for customers and deliver lower response times for every client.”

How is VSM Making a Difference for Your Brand?

According to Martin, most of the time, VSM allows IP Netix to respond to, and close issues within less than two hours. This is a huge reduction in the average 4+ hours of resolution time for non-VSM users. The company can even proactively raise tickets for maintenance and repair before a customer becomes aware of an issue.

“As customer experience (CX) becomes more of a key differentiator for today’s businesses, IP Netix knows that there’s a huge demand in the industry for proactive services.”

“Customers want their issues resolved quickly, and they also want the reassurance of knowing that their support providers have everything under control. VSM allows us to deliver that peace of mind.”

Far removed from the typical break-fix agreements, the key to success with VSM is that it allows companies like IP Netix to tackle issues as they arise, demonstrating their value to the customers through live progress updates.

Dolce noted: “If companies aren’t delivering the high-quality instant repair solutions that customers crave today, then they could risk losing their clients due to dissatisfaction. This leads to problems with reputation management, thanks to unhappy customers who can quickly voice their opinions through open social media platforms.”

“VSM helps to make sure that our customers only have good conversations about our business.”

Improving Business Efficiency in IP Netix

Ultimately, Virsae’s VSM seems to give IP Netix the solutions it needs for long-term performance and customers satisfaction. Besides improving customer experience, VSM also has a positive impact on internal operations by giving each engineer better visibility levels over the networks they maintain.

“With VSM, we have more visibility over every part of the network. This means that engineers no longer have to go searching for the problem. Instead, they can get to work on issues quickly and effectively. Overall, VSM brings the problem to us, tells us what it is, and allows us to resolve it immediately.”

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