IR Prognosis Review: Simple Service Management

Predict business issues with IR

IR Prognosis Review: Simple Service Management

Knowledge is power.

Nowhere is that statement more relevant than in the current communication environment. As technology continues to evolve, and the amount of data that we collect each day skyrockets, businesses need a better overview of their systems to keep things running smoothly.

If you want any hope of meeting your customer’s high expectations in today’s complicated comms environment, then you need to be aware of every crucial part of your technology stack – that’s where service management solutions come in.

IR Prognosis offers a complete service management solution for companies in search of in-depth insights into their business operations. Here’s what you can expect from this sensational software.

Features of IR Prognosis

IR, or “Integrated Research Limited” is a leading provider of global experience management solutions for IT infrastructure, communication, and payment ecosystems. Across 60 countries, more than 1,000 organisations currently rely on IR to help them access critical insights and ensure business continuity.

IR built their service management solution to address the increasingly complex IT infrastructures that businesses are building today. IR Prognosis simplifies the service management experience, by giving business leaders the power to find and fix potential disasters before they impact your business or customers.

IR Prognosis features three essential components:

  • Proactive problem solving: Prognosis delivers custom alerts to your IT department to keep them aware of any issues that might occur in your network
  • Pinpoint problems quickly: IR Prognosis doesn’t just make businesses aware of problems, it provides them with the tools they need to locate and resolve that issue too
  • Rapid trend analysis: Analyse your historical data and use the information you have to detect destructive patterns or dangerous trends before your administrators lose control

IR Prognosis Performance Management

One of the key features of the IR Service Management solution is the “Prognosis Performance Management” tool. As the IT infrastructure in various companies continues to expand in complexity and size, Prognosis aims to give businesses more control over their critical infrastructure with real-time insights into your technology stack. With Prognosis, you can see your entire infrastructure from a single straightforward dashboard that highlights:

  • When you last updated, used or compiled software
  • CPU workload and balance to ensure optimum efficiency
  • Hardware threshold breaches
  • Applications and devices in your network (including web services), and threshold breaches
  • Integration of HP nonstop systems with enterprise management solutions
  • The OpenView Operation framework environment

IR Proactive Troubleshooting

IR believes that companies need to do more than just “see” their technology problems to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment. If you want to succeed in today’s world, you need to be agile enough to “get to your problems” before they harm your business.

IR works to make it easier for business leaders and IT teams to see where their IT problems are coming from so that they can fix issues faster. The IR Service Management system comes with an automated alert notification strategy in place, to ensure that your administrators are the first to know when problems occur anywhere in your infrastructure. IR Prognosis provides:

  • Automated alert notifications: Your teams will know instantly when applications, users, systems, and processes are reaching your pre-set thresholds. You can then automatically go to the right dashboard to put a fix in place
  • Automated problem resolution: If the right people don’t respond to an automated alert then Prognosis will escalate the issue so that you’re less likely to miss essential In certain circumstances, the Prognosis software can even take corrective action to fix the problem

IR Prognosis Performance Testing

One of the places where IR stands out in the Service Management world is that it doesn’t just find and solve problems to business infrastructure problems, it proactively tests your mission-critical components to ensure they’re running at their best. The complete range of IR Testing solutions give companies an end-to-end cloud-based testing “as-a-service” system, that lets you know that everything is running smoothly. Currently, it’s the only fully-integrated proactive system management and testing product available for contact centres and UC solutions.

Some of the performance testing tools available as part of the IR solution include:

  • Stress Test: Whether you’re adding something new to your technology stack or checking your recovery progress after an issue, Stress Test will give you a way to track your system’s performance and exercise your network. You can test your system with the traffic volumes representative of the conditions they’re bound to experience, so you can make sure that your environment is robust enough to survive
  • Prognosis Heartbeat: This innovative feature from IR ensures that your application is performing exactly as well as you think it is. Designed to give you a complete insight into how every feature is working for every agent in your contact centre, Heartbeat provides an overview of your business like nothing else on the market. The service initiatives virtual calls to your system through the public telephone network, just like in a standard call centre environment, to make sure you’re running smoothly
  • IVR Feature Function Testing: Finally, Feature Function testing for IVR systems is IR’s way of giving companies an easy-to-repeat way of testing every feature on an IVR application against the design documentation that’s available for that app. This solution is delivered as a managed service to give you a comprehensive assessment of the kind of customer experience you’re offering on a daily basis

Who Is IR Prognosis For?

Designed to enlighten and empower IT teams, administrators and business leaders in the communication, IT and payment sectors, IR service management has a lot to offer virtually any business. As the leading experience management solution for unified communication systems, contact centres, payment hubs and more, this proactive system ensures that you can take control of your technology once and for all. Identify the trends in your system’s behaviour and take action when things aren’t going according to plan.

IR Prognosis is even trusted by Fortune 500 companies.

Our Finishing Thoughts on IR Prognosis

In a world where infrastructure issues can destroy business productivity in a matter of seconds, any company can benefit from a greater insight into their operations. When you can see your entire technology environment from a single dashboard, it’s much easier to optimise and enhance your systems and make sure that everything is running at its best.

As IT infrastructures grow increasingly complex, businesses need to find the perfect balance between keeping their system running smoothly and making sure that their customers remain satisfied. All the while, there are various cost and labour considerations to think about too.

IR Prognosis is a comprehensive way for organisations to simplify their IT network with an end-to-end service management solution. Make sure that you have the power to detect and overcome disasters before they harm your business.

What do you think about IR Prognosis? Let us know in the comments below.



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