Skype Meeting Broadcast Review: Conference Calling at a New Level

Read our review of the Skype for Business Meeting Broadcast solution

Skype Meeting Broadcast Review: Conference Calling at a New Level

As a phenomenon that has defined the modern age we live in, the Internet is a revolutionary tool that has changed the way people communicate across the globe forevermore.

With statistical reports claiming there are currently around 3.8 billion (that’s approximately half of the world’s population) active web users, 2 billion of which own accounts on Facebook, it’s clear to see that the Internet has surpassed all methods of communication that came before it and is expected to continue doing so well into the future.

Reach thousands of people with Skype Broadcast

It is a digital world that has given a voice to every individual user and a stage upon which a person can share their ideas, spread their messages, state their opinions, teach valuable lessons and learn from others on a colossal scale – and all of it can now be done from the comfort of their bedrooms, in their offices, on their morning commutes or even as they stand in queues at the supermarket.

In terms of the impact it’s had on business, the internet has completely changed everything and the way it does it is evolving at a scale so rapid it’s almost difficult to keep track of. Voice & Video Calling, IM, WebRTC, AI, Chatbots and, for the purposes of this review, Video Conference Calling have all changed the way businesses communicate and none of them would be possible without the Internet.

Years ago, meetings consisted of weekly events where groups of people huddled together for a few hours around a table, brainstorming ideas on a whiteboard that would very rarely see the light of day outside of the office walls. Now, with Video Conference Calling Solutions like Skype Meeting Broadcast, individuals can visually connect with literally thousands of people from all over the world directly from their smartphones with next to no effort.

What is a Skype Meeting Broadcast and what can it do

Skype Meeting Broadcast is a feature available on Skype for Business Online and Office 365 that allows users to schedule, produce and broadcast meetings over the web for as many as 10,000 attendees located at place with working Internet access around the globe.

Skype Meeting Broadcast

An active Skype Broadcast call with 7 separate members

These videos can be posted live online and scheduled at specific times with links to the live feed posted out to all potential attendees, either through email, through social media or through various Instant Messaging apps.

An audience participation app such as the voting app Microsoft Pulse, also allows members of the audience to engage with the speaker in real time, giving them instant feedback and maybe even allowing them to respond to queries in a Q&A fashion.

During the broadcast, the speaker can choose to include PowerPoint decks that can be displayed during the broadcast to illustrate points and add colour and important stats to the presentation for a more effective and well-rounded broadcast that really hits the points home and gives the audience a lot to think about.

Moreover, once the broadcast has finished, the video, along with all of the comments shared by the audience can be saved and a report about the event including data such as session IDs, participant names and email addresses, browser information, date and time stamps and activities (join, play, pause) can all be collected, saved and used at a later date to contact attendees with follow up information regarding the broadcast.

What do we like?

In terms of reach, Skype Meeting Broadcast is a revolutionary tool that takes video calling to a to a whole new level and the fact that it has the ability to connect a person or group of people to an audience so vast in size is quite astonishing.

Alongside this, the fact that the programme is fully integrated into Skype for Business and Office 365 makes it incredibly easy for broadcasters to switch through and share information from numerous platforms such as PowerPoint and Outlook with minimal time and effort for a much more streamlined and efficient broadcasting experience.

Who is it for?

Webcasting can be used for all sorts of things from small scale meetings to large scale product demonstrations or online Q&As. Given that the programme can accommodate for audiences as high as 10,000 people, the possibilities are almost endless and this is a programme that could be utilised by businesses of many different sizes from many different industries for any number of reasons.

What is it compatible with?

Attendees will need to have one of the following browsers/OS: Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Chrome, Firefox, OSX Safari, iOS 8 or later, Android (KitKat) whilst Event team members must have access to Skype for Business in order for to make the broadcast.

How much does it cost?

Skype Meeting Broadcast and Skype for Business are both included in an Office 365 subscription which will cost around £45.60 a year for the Office 365 Essentials package and £112.80 per year for the Office 365 Business Premium package.

UC Today Opinion

As tool for providing businesses with a broadcasting solution that can send out a wide variety of information to a large number of people, whilst simultaneously monitoring their data and providing leads for further interaction once the broadcast has completed, Skype Meeting Broadcast is a fantastic programme that we strongly recommend for any companies wanting to extend their reach.

As well as allowing a business to easily connect with its clients and audience, the way the programme is built and the way in which it integrates so efficiently with other programmes in the Office 365 catalogue makes life so much easier for the event team members which can be seen in the overall results.

Have you ever used Skype Broadcast at work? How would you rate it on collaboration? What are your thoughts in general about the distinctions drawn between collaboration and other areas of UC? As always, we would love to read your thoughts in the comments section below, and why not share this article on social media and invite friends and colleagues to join in too?

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