Tetcom Transforms their Business with Audio Productions

We hear how messaging-on-hold has helped transform one of the fastest growing telecoms companies in the industry

Tetcom Transforms their Business with Audio Productions

Professional customer interaction is critical to the success of nearly all businesses and organisations. The majority of those interactions still take place over the phone. Audio Productions specialise in solutions that reassure customers that their calls are valued, and they enable businesses to maximise their impact in every single customer interaction.

Audio Productions provide cutting edge audio marketing services including professional music on hold solutions. Historically organisations have undervalued the impact that their on hold audio can provide but throughout the industry that is changing with the help of companies like Audio Productions. They partner with Value Added Resellers (VAR) and Managed Service Providers (MSP) across the industry to help them realise the value that can be gained from offering end customers enhanced audio services. We spoke to Tetcom, who are one of Audo Productions largest partners in the UK, to understand more about how their services have enhanced Tetcom’s proposition to customers.

Tetcom are one of the fastest growing Unified Communications providers in the UK offering a full portfolio of innovative products and services to their customer base. They specialise in bespoke solutions, and service packages, designed to provide their customers with exactly what they need. UC Today spoke to their Technical Director, Lee Keen, to understand how working with Audio Productions has not only augmented their offering to customers, but also helped them in their own Digital Transformation strategy. Lee started with Tetcom around 18 months ago during their transition from a more traditional based reseller model, to focus more on solutions and services.

“We were very much a run rate business, but we have started to change that model.”

“What we have been doing with the engineering side is to try and enhance the processes and services we can offer and that is how we came across Audio Productions. Their service enables us to add additional value, so we can have more time to work with the solution and with the customer on site.”


Many communications businesses are looking for ways to help them transition from a CapEX orientated model to a more regular and stable OpEX strategy. This is not always easily achieved, with many businesses tied to a monthly cycle relying on gaining new business rather than repeat business from loyal customers. Lee explains that services, like those offered by Audio Productions, have given Tetcom another string in their bow when it comes to subscription based solutions. Tetcom are also able to offer more services, such as training, to customers that utilise Audio Productions’ solutions which increases their customer exposure and enhances their perceived value.

“If you are going to grow, or change a business, to give it sustainability in the long run you need to have other solutions that you can add to your proposition. We want to work with partners that give us that platform to grow and Audio Productions do just that.”

On Hold messaging mixing deskShifting a businesses’ strategy with OpEX based solutions and services is all very good, but primarily customers have to see the value in those solutions, and Lee is also keen to point out that Tetcom’s customer base have recognised the huge potential value within the Audio Productions portfolio. Appearing professional on the phone is an increasingly important part of the Customer Experience (CX), and maximising the impact of marketing to end customers cannot be underestimated. Interaction opportunities with customers are limited, so making the most of ever interaction is vital and that is where Lee sees Audio Productions come in.

“If you look at any organisation from a school, to a hotel, to a plumbing business, you want that customer, when they ring your business, to feel valued.”

“You want to attract people to your business, you want them to feel that you are professional and capable, Audio Productions give you that. If you have their product on the front end of your phone system, it will make you appear like you are taking customers seriously and people want that.”

Lee, Tetcom, and Tetcom’s customers have clearly recognised the value of the professional on hold and audio marketing solutions offered by Audio Productions and this is reflected in the success and growth of their businesses. Even with the solutions representing only a single component of Tetcom’s overall proposition they have still been able to utilise this facet to add value to customers and help transform their own strategy internally by providing more innovative subscription services. It appears that a previously underestimated feature within the industry is now gaining the recognition it deserves.


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