The Changing Face of Enterprise Communications

UC Today's Rob Scott hosts Nicolas Brunel, Executive Vice President for the Communications Business Division at Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise

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Its been a challenging period, highs and lows for organisations worldwide. Companies, employees are now working in ways they never anticipated. Technologies like Video, Team Collaboration apps and UCaaS are no longer tools in tomorrow’s world.

In this session we discuss the following:

  • Working from anywhere is a key part of Digital Transformation, would you say transformation came early for a lot of companies?
  • Have plans changed as a result of the pandemic or did they just accelerate? Do enterprises need to rethink their communication strategies?
  • What should be a company’s priorities right now? What’s likely to have the greatest short term impact and what needs to be considered in the mid-to-long term?
  • What role is does Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise play in helping to solve these challenges?

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