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The Power of Integration and APIs

A webinar with Soluno examining the transformative power of technology platform integration

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Organisations globally are looking for new and innovative methods to enhance and optimise their business processes using technology systems. If technology systems remain isolated then often this can lead to a disjointed experience for both business management and end users. Integrating technology platforms so they work seamlessly together can be key for organisations to achieve maximum efficiency. In addition, integrating technology systems can also enable organisation to realise entirely new business processes that can be truly transformation for their provision of service. This webinar examines how integration capabilities can offer companies truly unique advantages in comparison to more traditional technology usage.

Key Takeaways

• Understand what an API is and how they enable technology integration

• Find out why platform integration has a beneficial impact experience for users

• See how platform integration can positively transform business processes by improving efficiency and reducing costs

This webinar provides real world integration examples that have radically enhanced the ways in which a business handles some of its critical processes. Integration capabilities can improve efficiency, offer a a better user experience and reduce costs. Modern businesses should be considering the potential benefits of integration prior to adding additional tools or systems to their existing technology stacks.

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Presenter Patrick Watson with Tony Parmstig, Head of R&D at Soluno BC.

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