Uboss to Launch Webex Teams Integration

They are keen to demo the new integration

Uboss to Launch Webex Teams Integration

Uboss will attend the upcoming Cisco WebexOne digital conference and is set to debut a brand-new integration there. I sat down with Iain Sinnott, VP, Sales, Uboss, to find out more about the integration, and he said that Uboss hopes to get partners on board with selling the new integration, Webex for BroadWorks, one that Sinnott calls “a game-changer”.

The soon-to-be-launched Webex for BroadWorks integration will enable the full Webex experience for Cisco and BroadSoft users on both PC and mobile softphone clients. The family of four apps will also incorporate messaging and three-way meeting capabilities. It is even set to feature a 25-seat personal meeting room, and the premium version will offer a meeting room solution for up to 1,000 participants.

The two top-tier Webex for BroadWorks packages will extend team collaboration space, document linking, and support all core BroadSoft functionalities. This includes interactive voice response (IVR) and call queue management. Sinnott added that these elements test the old school model of bundling all features at a fixed price, otherwise known as the one-size-fits-all approach, noting that users could create their own bundles with the upcoming integration:

“We want to work for platform owners rather than seeking to impose our will, which is why users can create bundles, switch to an a-la-carte menu, or combine the two”

Sinnott said that complicated BroadSoft deployments are not a viable option in the current business climate, especially for home workers, adding that the deployment process needs to be simpler and more flexible. He also noted that Broadsoft provisioning and customer portals are more fundamental than ever before, telling me: “People want digital-first experiences and on-demand offerings, which means transparent billing that is viewable in real-time along with self-service options.”

Uboss manages standard BroadSoft telephony solutions deployments – but can also manage Kakapo Systems, Akixi, Mondago, Qunifi, and other third-party applications. When combined, Sinnott said they create solutions that help enterprises thrive in the new norm. “Now is the moment for big decisions,” according to Sinnott, who said that companies can either remain in the past or leverage the power of automation to manage heavy lifting like provisioning, billing, etc.

“When you choose the latter option, quick deployment, remote management, and plenty of other advanced functionalities become a reality”

Iain Sinnott

Iain Sinnott

The unified comms industry experienced a radical change in the way things are done thanks to the pandemic, and Sinnott said that the new Cisco functionalities, delivered in Webex Teams, lend more agility and flexibility to resellers. This is because they can offer both alternatives and integrations to Microsoft Teams, which extends choice and access to a wider market share.

Cisco will host its WebexOne digital collaboration conference from December 8-9, 2020. The event is a combination of the Cisco Collaboration Summit, BroadSoft Connections, and the Cisco Contact Center Summit in a single online conference. Packed with two full days of conversations, there will be industry thought leaders, technology partners, and Cisco executives in attendance. It is even set to host over 30 customer and partner sessions that evangelize the Webex experience as well as innovation of the platform.



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