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UC SWOT – July 2019

Let us take you through the latest in Unified Comms, Collaboration & CX

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Are you looking to gain some additional insight into the Unified Communications, Collaboration or Customer Experience industries? If you are then UC Today have you covered. In this short video, the UC Today team provide you with an overview of the industry in the form of a SWOT analysis. Particularly useful for our channel audience this video will provide you with information on the state of the market across several key areas. So if you represent a service provider, reseller or managed service provider watch, and hopefully learn, as the team take you through some of the biggest trends impacting the market.

A SWOT is an analytics tool used to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats related to businesses or industries and in this video Presenter Patrick Watson, and Rob Scott, examine the unified communications marketplace.

Firstly Patrick asks Rob for his explanation of a SWOT analysis and what the benefits of using such a technique might be. Rob summarises the process and the guys then dive straight in to analyse the strengths within the market.

Rob explains that the growth within the market is a crucial strength. He provides Patrick with some statistics about the increase in uptake of cloud communication solutions and why that is so encouraging for everyone involved. As well as the boom in cloud UC, collaboration is also becoming more and more prominent and providing a wealth of possibilities for further expansion.

Patrick and Rob then move on to look at some of the market’s potential weaknesses. Rob explains that the rapidly transforming landscape requires resellers and service providers to transition their own models, which is not always an easy process. As well as the potential changes required in business models those in the market must also be aware that as competition increases, the need for differentiation is also heightened.

Although the market does have some weaknesses there are loads of opportunities. The growth in as-a-service consumption models provides existing market players with new areas for potential growth and investment. Rob also explains that if providers can equip customers with a full stack of technology solutions then the possibilities for integration of professional and managed services are endless to help with deployments.

In terms of threats, Rob tells Patrick that invasive, non-traditional vendors potentially provide a huge challenge. The likes of Google and Amazon are targeting the industry and with their direct go-to-market models a channel audience needs to take notice. As well as the tech giants the status quo is also threatened by new over the top communication providers moving in from across the Atlantic.

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