2600Hz KAZOO Platform Review: UC for SPs

Cloud communications for Service Providers

2600Hz KAZOO Platform Review: UC for SPs

As the methods available for communication and collaboration become more complex, businesses are continually searching for vendors, resellers, and service providers that can help them simplify their solutions. Today’s companies need innovative solutions that their customers demand, without overwhelming their staff.

2600Hz is a pioneering company in the communication space that intends to deliver the ease-of-use and accessibility their customers need. With solutions that span the globe, 2600Hz offers a completely open-core strategy for success, complete with the option to add pre-packaged paid apps that get service providers of all sizes up and running quickly.

Here’s what you need to know about 2600Hz’s flagship platform, KAZOO:

The Features of the KAZOO Platform

KAZOO is the flagship communication and collaboration solution designed by 2600Hz. The product is an open enterprise-grade environment, created to offer service providers an advanced selection of features, including messaging, data management, and voice.

Created in collaboration with world-leading telecoms innovators, KAZOO offers a unique and compelling multi-tenant architecture set-up that’s highly scalable, distributed and flexible. Resellers around the world can utilise KAZOO when integrating voice, mobile, SMS, and data services with the latest PBX features. Features include:

  • Mobile integration
  • Operator console
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Text-to-speech and custom greetings
  • Custom messages and music on hold
  • User/Admin portal
  • Billing/Taxation
  • Voicemail, voicemail-to-email
  • Call transfer, forwarding, recording, screening, and parking
  • International calling
  • Call detail records
  • Call Centre
  • Remote PBX management
  • Conferencing across multiple rooms
  • Auto-provisioning for Polycom, Cisco, Yealink, Obihai, and Grandstream devices
  • Geo redundancy with failover
  • Advanced provisioning
  • Bring your own tools and carriers

2600Hz even gives service providers complete control over how they deliver their communication services with three different deployment suites.

The Benefits of the KAZOO Platform

As mentioned above, KAZOO is 2600Hz’s flagship product, intended to offer advanced communication services to millions of users around the world. Not only is it a completely open and vendor-agnostic platform, but KAZOO even offers a range of APIs pre-designed by telecom professionals so that it’s easier to customise your experience. Just some of the benefits of choosing 2600Hz and KAZOO include:

  • Complete customisation: Most platforms, even the “open” ones are limited in how many APIs you can run at once. However, with KAZOO, there’s a wide range of customisation options available, complete with 60 call flow actions and over 100 accessible pre-built APIs that enable greater functionality
  • Greater insight into issues: With KAZOO, you’re not limited to a specific carrier for your SMS and call needs. Instead, you’ll have complete freedom, along with all the information you need to track the performance of your calls – wherever your data centre might be located
  • Cost efficiency: 2600Hz delivers KAZOO with a flexible pricing model so that you’re only paying for exactly what you need. This means that the revenue potential for a service provider with the right value to offer is practically unlimited
  • Constant support: Although the easy-to-use interface is very easy-to-use for most, 2600Hz ensures that their customers have all the help they need with technical engineers always on hand. You can also choose to build your strategy using pre-built packages so that you don’t have to start customising from scratch
  • Complete reliability: 2600Hz’s cloud-based services are deployed through Equinix data centres with 5×9’s reliability. Their distributed architecture means that you don’t have to worry about any single point of failure

What’s more, the whole 2600Hz solution is white-labelled, so that you can use the fantastic features that you choose to boost your brand reputation.


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Target Market & Regional Availability

KAZOO is available to resellers all around the world that want to provide powerful call control and communication features to their users. There are 3 deployment options available including:

  • Hosted Platform: This SaaS solution is best-suited to resellers who want to control devices at one touch of a button. The cloud is fully redundant across a selection of data centres, and there’s no need for excess hardware or technical knowledge to get started. With a low cost of entry and easy set-up, it’s great for beginners
  • Private Cloud: Reserved for US partners, the private cloud is a faster system from 2600Hz that provides greater customisation options, along with exceptional server management. Private cloud is well-suited to partners managing over 500 devices who need a closed environment and complete flexibility
  • Global Infrastructure: For those in need of extensive control over their communication network, the KAZOO comprehensive infrastructure package may be the ideal solution. 2600Hz will be by your side, monitoring and supporting your clusters so that you can concentrate on your end users. This option is perfect for companies with an existing engineering team, and it provides the highest levels of customisation and flexibility

How to Buy & Pricing

2600Hz prides itself on delivering a highly customisable and reliable pricing strategy so that service providers and resellers can achieve the highest possible profit margins. Supporting routes directly to network and voice-certified technical engineers, there’s also a support option available starting at around $500 per month. To find out more about pricing, contact a 2600Hz via the official site.


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FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

KAZOO is the comprehensive UCaaS solution created to empower service providers in the communication world. With KAZOO, you can access everything you need to impress your customers, from voice to messaging and data services. What’s more, the multi-tenant architecture means that your system will be highly scalable, with call control and flexible deployments wherever you need them most.

Q: Is KAZOO Hardware Agnostic?

A: KAZOO offers bring-your-own host and device support. There’s an auto-provisioning tool for specific devices from Cisco, Yealink, Obihai, Polycom, and Grandstream, and it’s easy to manually provision virtually any other SIP device.

Q: How is KAZOO evolving?

A: 2600Hz is continually searching for new ways to enhance their platform through new solutions. Soon, users will be able to access updates like invoice generators, Duo integration, and blacklists too.

Q: Does KAZOO Support Mobility?

A: Service providers can build a platform ideal for mobile performance with 4G Voice, SMS and data support, 2600Hz can even help partners to become MVNOs for their end customers, with mobile solutions offered alongside KAZOO PBX opportunities.


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