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Are All BroadSofts Created Equal?

Watch our brand new Webinar format where we discuss BroadSoft platform provision with VanillaIP

UC Today are revolutionising the webinar. Gone are the days of boring slide decks and bland presentations as we bring you interactive video conversations augmented with stunning visuals.

In this episode we look at the difference between BroadSoft platforms and ask if they are equal. Presenter Patrick is joined by Iain Sinnott, Head of Sales at VanillaIP.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand why it’s important to offer customisation packages allowing you to stand out from competitors

  • Review the main sales ideologies that enable closer customer relationships and create more sales opportunities

  • Learn how tailored solutions can maximise margin opportunities

How can you ensure that your platform provision stands out from your competitor’s offerings? In this webinar we hear about the best practice and tools that resellers and service providers can use to stand out from the crowd. The cloud communications market is increasingly competitive and differentiating product packages is critical in growing margin and revenue.

Watch at your desk or from your mobile phone and get all the latest information on emerging areas of technology and thought leadership topics. UC Today are changing the traditional webinar to inform and educate in the most interesting way possible.

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Presenter Patrick Watson and Iain Sinnott from VanillaIP.

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