Avaya OneCloud Delivers Banking Reliability & Security

Avaya showcases the value of OneCloud

Avaya OneCloud Delivers Banking Reliability & Security

Global leader in the communications marketplace, Avaya, recently shared their experience working with Standard Chartered to provide an advanced, Multi-year CX transformation. Through the Avaya OneCloud solution, Avaya has given the financial organisation access to high-level communications across a variety of client touchpoints.

The Avaya OneCloud service is designed to support enterprises and companies in need of a strategy for digital transformation. As companies from all backgrounds search for reliable, dependable and secure solutions on the cloud, the OneCloud services offers no-compromise support. This cloud-based unified communication and contact centre environment gives ventures from all backgrounds access to the agility and flexibility that they need to embrace the latest technology in the marketplace.

Providing Flexibility with Avaya OneCloud

Standard CharteredCreated to give businesses the speed and efficiency that they need on their path to digital transformation, OneCloud is a turnkey solution to suit any organisation. Avaya designed OneCloud to unify enterprise communications, whether you’re handling conferencing, messaging, presence, contact centres, or anything else. Today, this OneCloud service allows businesses like Standard Chartered to unlock a more cost-effective and efficient way to upgrade their communication and contact centre strategy. What’s more, to comply with the strict regulation and security needs of the financial industry, everything is delivered on Standard Chartered’s private cloud.

Avaya’s highly versatile OneCloud offering comes with access to standard reference architectures, or the option for customers to team up with global experts for a personalised solution. The Standard Chartered strategy allows the bank to service clients efficiently while building foundations for future contact centre needs that have yet to emerge.

The Avaya OneCloud solutions are all supported by the company’s industry-leading managed service solutions. There’s also access to a leading automation platform, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence applications too.

Investing in a Digital Future

Now that the Standard Chartered business is continuing to invest in its digital future, the banking group has seen a global growth in digital adoption. Approximately 49% of the company’s clients are now using mobile or online banking. Standard Chartered wants to make sure that they’re giving their customers a secure, convenient, and simple solution for digital banking across any channel. What’s more, they want to ensure that they retain their human touch in their contact centres too.

According to the Global Head of Virtual and Voice services for Standard Chartered, Stuart Beaumont, the partnership with Avaya is a positive step forward. Together, Standard Chartered and Avaya will be able to provide a more seamless experience for clients, by ensuring that all interactions are consolidated into a single place. This will improve the efficiency of the bank’s current communication structure and make it easier for agents to move freely between channels, with customer context in tow. Avaya’s platform will also give Standard Chartered the option to interact with and embed third-party solutions too.

Avaya OneCloud brings high-level governance and commitment to security to its deployment of the Standard Chartered solution. The Avaya cloud solution is designed with the strongest security and compliance strategies in mind. What’s more, everything is created to work seamlessly within the bank’s existing environment.

What’s more, Avaya’s Cloud solutions even come with access to expert support. The company can help businesses choose the right components for their needs, manage migration and more. There are even experts on-hand to analyse the integration of new technology and make adjustments when necessary.

Convenient and Secure Digital Banking Opportunities

Nidal Abou Ltaif

Nidal Abou-Ltaif

Working with Avaya’s state-of-the-art cloud solution will allow Standard Chartered to remain agile in the financial industry. It also ensures that they can continue to address the regulatory compliance needs of the space, with excellent security systems in place. According to the President of Avaya International, Nidal Abou-Ltaif, Standard Chartered is on the path to a more immersive and convenient banking solution for clients. With the digital support that Avaya OneCloud can bring, the banking company will be able to ensure a secure service across any channel.

Avaya is thrilled to be supporting Standard Chartered as it pursues an evolution in its communication strategy. The partnership between the banking group and Avaya highlights what’s possible with the Avaya cloud offerings today. The Avaya OneCloud solution brings businesses from any background the speeds and resources that they need to ensure effective digital transformation.

Standard Chartered has always been committed to choosing the best possible strategic partner relationships to support its clients. The technology roadmaps that Avaya is pursuing today are well-aligned with the ever-increasing demands of Standard Chartered’s Network. Avaya is excited to be assisting the 160-year-old banking institution as they find their way into the future of communications and enhanced client experiences.


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