New Cisco UCM Cloud: Your Path to the Cloud

Cisco is here to make moving into the cloud easier than ever

New Cisco UCM Cloud: Your Path to the Cloud

These days, countless companies are moving into the cloud at a record pace, discovering the benefits of flexibility, scalability, and endless opportunities.

However, while the cloud might be the future of communication and collaboration technology, it can also be challenging to plan and implement a successful migration from on-premises legacy systems into the future of cloud computing. Just because cloud is the key to your digital transformation strategy, doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to embrace this new tech.

Once businesses migrate successfully into a cloud environment, they can benefit from access to more significant resources, cost-savings and greater productivity. However, they first need to overcome things like issues with third-party applications and integrations, geographically dispersed PSTN partners, and even security and compliance constraints.

Fortunately, Cisco is here to make moving into the cloud easier than ever.

Simplifying Cloud Migration with Cisco

Cisco, a leader in communication and collaboration solutions, knows better than most how difficult the transition into the cloud can be. That’s why the brand has worked so hard at developing an all-in-one solution to make the journey into cloud technology easier for everyone. The Cloud UCM solution from Cisco is intended to accelerate the digital transformation process for businesses of all sizes.

Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager Cloud is the latest addition to the Cisco cloud communications portfolio. Operated and hosted by Cisco, the solution provides an easy way to upgrade your transition into the cloud and create a more efficient digital workforce. What’s more, the whole experience is managed by Cisco certified partners.

Cisco benefits from being a cloud-first, but not cloud-only communications provider. The company recognizes that some customers can’t make the full transition into cloud technology straight away and that the path to cloud isn’t always obvious. For instance:

  • Your existing on-premises estate might be meeting your needs, but you might find that the cloud offers an opportunity to reduce ongoing costs and maintenance
  • Your compliance and security policies may require a dedicated private cloud environment
  • Your third-party complex application integrations may make a transition into the cloud more difficult
  • You may want to preserve your existing soft clients, phones, and user experience solutions

Creating the Ideal Cisco Environment

Cisco’s UCM cloud, as well as Cisco Webex Calling helps businesses of all sizes to accelerate their transition into the cloud environment with a unified and straightforward calling experience. For instance, you might be able to migrate your existing on-prem campus environment from UC manager into the UCM cloud and transform your communications with Webex Calling across multiple branches too.

Cisco’s cloud-based solution is built on all of the familiar elements that you know and love from the Cisco Unified Communications Manager solution. This includes access to a dedicate private instance in the cloud, and a solution that works seamlessly with other Webex services to meet the expanding needs of your business. Additionally, with familiar Cisco Webex services like Teams and Meetings, businesses will be able to enjoy a common set of capabilities like:

  • Cognitive collaboration experience for high-performance teams
  • Modern business collaboration opportunities
  • Enhanced reporting, management and analytics options
  • Reduced costs for conferencing and calling via Webex Edge services

Cisco’s Cloud-based UCM solution is also a dedicated private cloud, which is hosted within datacenters across the globe for greater redundancy, security, reliability, and enhanced global coverage.

Unlocking the Benefits of Cisco Cloud UCM

With Cisco UCM cloud, businesses of all sizes can minimise the disruptions and roadblocks that prevent excellent and efficient collaboration in the workplace. What’s more, the cloud-based solution makes it easier to embrace and enjoy the latest features available from Cisco, while simultaneously using existing infrastructure and endpoints.

Cisco UCM Cloud


Cisco’s UCM Cloud means that businesses can continue using their existing PSTN agreements and gateways, while simplifying procurement with the Cisco Collaboration Flex plan, and taking advantage of various fantastic trade-in or migration programs. Additionally, you’ll have the benefit of a natural path to cloud migration available too.

The Cisco UCM Cloud solution ensures that organisations can avoid the hassle of rip and replace migrations as they strive to unlock the full benefits of a cloud environment. Combined with Cisco Webex Calling and services from Cisco certified partners, the UCM cloud provides today’s business leaders with a flexible and advanced solution to their digital transformation needs.

The Cisco UCM cloud solution is now available across US Webex datacenters. European data centres and Asia-Pacific solutions are also coming soon.


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