Deloitte Ranks Dialpad Number 222 on Their “Fastest Growing” List

Dialpad benefits from a growth of 443%

Deloitte Ranks Dialpad Number 222 on Their “Fastest Growing” List

Dialpad has been seeing some exceptional growth recently, as part of their quest to “kill the desk phone”. According to Deloitte, the business came 222nd in their list of the 500 fastest-growing companies in the telecommunications, energy, life sciences, and media sectors.

It’s easy to see why Dialpad is seeing recognition for their exceptional growth after they achieved a bump of around 443% during the most recent measuring period. According to the brand itself, their fantastic results can be attributed to the fact that people are finally throwing away their desk phones in favour of something more flexible for the modern workforce.

Has Dialpad Killed the Deskphone?

DialpadWhen the Dialpad company began in 2012, their mission was to meet the needs of the modern worker, while leaving the desk phone firmly in the past. As we embrace a culture of remote employees and dispersed workforces, it makes sense that more people would be looking for a scalable, versatile, and strategic solution to communication.

Dialpad offers its customers a pure-cloud solution that spans across video, voice, and messaging services, while simultaneously integrating with useful platforms like Google G Suite, Salesforce, and Microsoft Office 365. There are even social integrations available for apps like Twitter and LinkedIn. The system requires no hardware, and it only takes minutes to deploy, which is perfect for the fast-paced modern company who wants to jump away from legacy tech.

The Growth of UberConference

Perhaps one of the primary contributing factors to Dialpad’s recent growth has been the success of its UberConference offering – a collaboration and conferencing service that recently passed the 1.5 million mark for subscribers. The service has been growing rapidly since 2012, both for paid and free plans.

As Dialpad customers search for a simplified conferencing solution that integrates directly with their modern cloud-based system, UberConference has stepped in to fill the gaps in collaboration solutions. Dialpad was one of the earliest providers to offer WebRTC and PIN-free participation with their collaboration, and as such, they’ve seen adoption skyrocket as more people transfer their communication solutions into the cloud.

uberconference dialpad logo
“UberConference” has long been recognised as a fun and engaging way to tackle communication needs. It offers an easy-to-access conferencing product for Dialpad’s main target market of the worker that can perform anywhere. According to Craig Walker, the brand’s CEO, the company took a light-hearted approach to the common concerns of conference calling when they launched the UberConference system, and they’ve stuck to that simple, easy, and enjoyable mode in the years that followed.

A Path of Consistent Growth

In their quest to “kill the desk phone”, Dialpad has already been relatively successful so far. The brand has managed to assist more than 50,000 customers in their move to the cloud while encouraging them to leave all their on-premises PBX hardware behind. In fact, about 85% of Dialpad’s customers have completely removed the desk phone from their strategy, transitioning their businesses completely to the cloud in an increasingly mobile world.

The software-only platform delivered by Dialpad ensures that companies of all shapes and sizes can instantly launch and scale their platform for communications in whatever way they see fit. This means that all organisations can access messaging, meeting, videos, and voice on any device, anywhere, using one simple application.


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