Discover Yeastar’s First Cloud Offering: Yeastar Cloud PBX

Yeastar join the digital transformation era with a cloud PBX

Discover Yeastar’s First Cloud Offering: Yeastar Cloud PBX

Yeastar, a VoIP PBX company known for the design and development of cutting-edge telecommunications equipment, recently announced their decision to take the next step in their digital transformation journey. Since their launch in 2006, Yeastar has built a reputation as a global telecommunications leader, and now the brand is taking that focus to the cloud.

With the launch of their new cloud solution “Yeastar Cloud PBX”, the company will be delivering a multi-instance hosted business voice strategy to telecom resellers and service providers around the world, just in time for the drive to cloud.

Making the Move to Cloud

In a world where software and cloud technology are becoming increasingly popular, Yeastar has been consistently working to expand its offerings in the telephony space, delivering strategies that go beyond traditional hardware. The Yeastar Cloud PBX is founded on the Yeastar Management Plane, which is designed to make it easier for companies to deploy their very own dedicated instances for PBX performance.

Yeastar claims to offer exceptional scalability, along with top-of-the-line functionality and mobility for a digitally transforming marketplace. Just some of the features you can expect to see if you tap into this cloud strategy include:

  • A simple and hassle-free user interface, complete with hands-on management of PBX solutions
  • Market-ready enterprise-grade communication features perfect for companies of any shape or size
  • On-demand service delivery with Yeastar cloud PBX, which allows brands to scale their services up or down in a couple of clicks
  • BYOD-friendly implementation. Yeastar Cloud PBX comes with support for the Linkus mobile client to enhance telecommuting strategies

Support for Cloud-Focused Companies

Yeastar is giving their customers complete control over the way they move to the cloud, with the decision to either run on an existing server or use self-hosting platforms. According to Alan Shen, the CEO of Yeastar, the Cloud PBX solution will be scalable, flexible, and collaborative – everything a modern business needs for the move away from legacy telephony.

The decision to create a cloud strategy came from Yeastar’s attempt to offer complete end-to-end solutions for all their partners, regardless of where their digital strategy might take them. The hope is that the Cloud PBX will deliver a new range of opportunities for hosting partners who want to tap into quality and reliable cloud products.

Yeastar will be continuing to invest in solutions that give their partners a revenue-generating solution for communications, without the need for excessive investment.

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