Fuze Enterprise Voice Review

Introducing Fuze Enterprise Voice

Fuze Enterprise Voice Review

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The fourth industrial revolution has paved the way for greater competition in the modern marketplace. Today, companies of all shapes and sizes need to continually adapt, grow, and innovate if they want to generate profits quickly, and delight their customers.

For many organisations, this means moving away from old and outdated CapEx strategies and embracing versatile solutions based on the “OpEX” expense model. Fuze eliminates the costs and complexity of traditional on-premise PBX solutions and replaces them with modern VoIP telephony, delivered through a robust, sustainable, and highly adaptable cloud environment.

With Fuze Enterprise Voice, consumers of all shapes and sizes can enjoy the functionality they would expect from a proven PBX, without any of the hassles associated with on-premise solutions.

Features of Fuze Enterprise Voice

Fuze Enterprise Voice is a “Voice over Internet Protocol” solution for cost-effective and reliable communications. It allows companies to communicate easily over the internet, reducing the cost of long-distance calls, simplifying scalability, and reducing risk.

Fuze leverages a highly resilient cloud infrastructure, along with a network engineered for excellent quality of service to deliver state-of-the-art enterprise IP PBX voice services. What’s more, the capabilities of Fuze Enterprise Voice come with no on-premise installations whatsoever. Features include:

  • 100% virtualised infrastructure for instant scalability
  • Subscription pricing model
  • Secure SSAE16 compliant cloud communications
  • APIs and pre-developed integrations for easy communication stack development.
  • Self-service capabilities for enterprise-wide administration
  • Support from worldwide delivery centres
  • Platform data centres managed by 24 x 7 x 365 NOCs (regional)
  • Turnkey solution
  • Localised services including proper E.164 formatting, emergency services support and short-codes.
  • Dedicated delivery team for consistent QoS
  • PCI Compliance available for businesses with payments over voice and messaging
  • Redundancy supported by multiple data centres around the globe
  • Easy access to real-time call data

Benefits of Fuze Enterprise Voice

With their highly reliable VoIP service for unified communications, Fuze delivers all the benefits of the cloud, and then some. For instance:

  • A unified global network: Fuze prides itself on its single global system, used to deliver a resilient cloud-based infrastructure to organisations around the world. By building data centres in multiple countries worldwide, Fuze can ensure that you get the best enterprise-class PBX voice support, without worrying about dropped quality or lost calls. What’s more, it all comes for a fraction of the cost of any legacy PBX
  • Natural expansion for growing companies: For mid-sized and enterprise companies looking for global development, Fuze can eliminate long-distance call expenses for good. Through their single global network, they deliver a single unlimited price for calls all around the globe. Fuze provides one of the most extensive selections of supported countries in the UC environment for localised VoIP experiences
  • Consistent Experience: While there are plenty of VoIP providers out there capable of offering access to other countries, Fuze makes sure that no matter where your business takes you, your users and customers will always experience the same quality of call. You can customise everything from the ringtone to the dial tone, to ensure a consistent local experience for every client discussion
  • Beyond the phone system: Because Fuze Enterprise Voice is based on the cloud, it can do so much more than managing your standard telephony experience. For instance, your users and customers can choose to connect however they like, whether they’re using laptops, desk phones, or mobile devices. You can also expand to the “Voice and Messaging” system for support for IM, presence, and group messaging in the same app.

Target Market & Regional Availability

Fuze is a globally-renowned communications and technology company that delivers its cloud solutions to organisations around the world. While Fuze is based primarily in Cambridge, the business also has office locations in spaces like Ottawa, London, San Francisco, Paris, Zurich, Copenhagen and many more. Anyone around the globe can use Fuze Enterprise Voice.

Primarily, Fuze serves mid-sized and large enterprise customers, though it may be possible to contact Fuze or a reseller to discuss custom needs.

How to Buy & Pricing

Fuze sells their unified communication products through a Global partner network. It’s also possible to contact Fuze directly to ask questions about their products and services or find out more information about prices and purchasing.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

Any company looking for a reliable, high-quality cloud-based voice experience that offers exceptional QoS around the globe is sure to benefit from Fuze Enterprise Voice. This reliable communication service helps businesses to cut costs with their communication stack, without compromising on exceptional audio clarity.

What’s more, because Fuze has data centres located all around the globe, they can deliver a VoIP service backed by state-of-the-art redundancy and immersive local experiences, ideal for making your business stand out in any vertical.

Q: How Secure is Fuze Enterprise Voice?

A: Fuze Enterprise Voice delivers high-quality security and data privacy for modern companies who know how valuable their data can be. Because Fuze serves customers from practically every industry, they’re committed to delivering a service that complies with a wide selection of regulatory standards, including HIPAA, SOC2 type 2, SOC1 type 2, and more. Additionally, Fuze also conducts annual audits through independent firms to check their IT security controls.

Q: What is VoIP?

A: VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol.” It’s a modern solution for communication that allows you to connect your communication stack over the internet, instead of using an expensive on-premises PSTN line. Fuze can deliver VoIP and cloud communications through the cloud with their Enterprise Voice solution.

Q: What is Quality of Service (QoS)?

A: One of the defining features of the Fuze Enterprise Voice system is its exceptional “Quality of Service.” Fuze Enterprise Voice comes with a QoS-engineered architecture that ensures you maintain the same consistent experience for your customers and telephony users no matter where they might be around the world!

Have you tried the Fuze Enterprise Voice solution yet? Share your experiences with us in the comment section below!


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