Fuze Proves Peak Productivity is Powered by Tech

Culture and technology drive workplace performance

Fuze Proves Peak Productivity is Powered by Tech

World-leading cloud communications and collaboration software platform, Fuze, recently published the results of their latest study into workplace productivity. According to the research, disruptive technology is what’s helping today’s organisations to unlock peak productivity levels, by creating a cultural shift in the way that we work.

The “Productivity @ Work” report explores global usage data and engagement with the Fuze platform among over five million workers in countries around the world, including the UK, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, the USA, and more. The study explores 20 million calls, 2.5 million meetings, and 33 million messages, finding that collaboration and communication preferences are diverse across the workforce. According to Fuze, when businesses understand those preferences, they can empower their employees with new collaborative solutions.

Transforming the Modern Workplace

The Fuze report finds that screen share and video meetings support meeting performance and employee engagement by reducing the opportunity for multi-tasking. In the workplace, multi-tasking often kills productivity. When users turn on screen or video sharing during a meeting, they stay connected to the experience 87% of the time. However, without a screen share, connections only last for 75% of the meeting. This increase in attendance leads to another 4.4 minutes of engagement in the average US meeting.

The research from Fuze indicates that leaders in the modern business environment have a responsibility to take advantage of technologies that drive engagement. With the latest technology, and the correct policies to align company culture with those new innovations, it’s possible for businesses to transform the workforce, increasing productivity and efficiency in any environment.

Additional Insights from Fuze

The new report from Fuze also found that technology has the power to improve collaboration and communication process in several ways. For instance, meetings with members from one country typically last around 19 minutes according to Fuze, however, if another country is involved, the length of the meeting doubles. This means that businesses need to prepare appropriately for global meetings, switching calendar settings to 25 and 50 minutes to ensure that meetings start on time, and finish when all of the right information has been addressed.

Fuze also found that while video and screen sharing meetings can improve meeting engagement, only around 23% of the global respondents are using both during their sessions. This indicates that there’s an opportunity for companies to take new steps to improve productivity and engagement.

Fuze Usage Stats

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The Industry Director for Connected Work Practice with Frost and Sullivan, Roopam Jain, said that technology has already made a significant impact on the standard work life. Technology will continue to “reshape the workforce,” according to Jain, having an effect on the way that employees want to communicate, and collaborate.

The report took data from one year of global meeting information, consisting of regularly occurring and ad-hoc meetings. The report also analysed the characteristics of Fuze user messages, calls and meetings for a three month period, where users participated in at least one meeting, message and call.


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