Fuze Redefines Flexibility with Flex Summit

A new answer to workplace flexibility

Fuze Redefines Flexibility with Flex Summit

Leading cloud communication and collaboration platform provider, Fuze, recently announced the development of a pioneering new event. The globally-recognised brand has shared information about their inaugural “Future of Work” event, which takes place on the 5th of June this year, at the Revere Hotel in Boston. The Flex Summit conference will bring industry experts and innovators together from around the world to discuss the latest and greatest ways of helping enterprises to transform.

During this event, attendees will learn how to prepare their workforce for the changing needs of modern employees and consumers. This will also mean discussing concepts like remote work, coworking spaces, blended teams and even the introduction of robot workers. According to Colin Doherty, the CEO of Fuze, the event aims to enhance the conversation that companies are having about the future of work. Through a discussion into the impact of technology on the workforce, businesses will be able to embrace new strategies that keep pace with the preferences of a new generation of employee.

The Changing Workplace and Fuze

In his announcement about the upcoming event, Doherty noted that work is something we do today, not a place that we go to each day. Businesses that hope to remain competitive in this new environment need to be as flexible and agile as their employees are. They should be empowering their workforce to be productive when, and where they choose.

The Flex Summit is an event experience designed to support leaders in understanding how they can embrace flexible work for the first time and take their organisation to the next level as a result. Surrounded by peers and innovators, attendees will be introduced to the future of the workplace, and how they can explore it for themselves.

The Flex Summit will be packed full of useful industry insights for leaders who are willing to push the boundaries of what’s possible within their own organisations. According to Fuze, the event is about helping business leaders to understand what’s possible when they change their view of the workplace.

What to Expect from The Flex Summit

The Flex Summit is a one-day event which comes with case studies to explore, panel discussions to join, and keynote speakers to listen to. The idea will be to inspire leaders to take risks with new workplace ideas and technologies. Forward-thinking companies and from around the world will be in attendance. What’s more, to celebrate the launch of the summit, additional savings are now available for tickets.

Special launch pricing is available until the 29th of March 2019. Additionally, Fuze is presently looking for pioneers to share their communication and workplace stories with the Flex Summit audience. If you have insights to share, you could be a deeper part of the Flex experience.


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