Fuze Success Plans Launched to Drive UCaaS Adoption

Fuze Services focus on four specific elements: implementation, adoption, support, success

Fuze Success Plans Launched to Drive UCaaS Adoption

UCaaS in the enterprise has changed significantly from the traditional PBX days when companies just wanted something that worked and technical readiness was the priority. Now, much larger numbers of stakeholders are involved and they want to provide value to employees. Achieving this goes beyond deployment of a communications solution, it requires organisational readiness to go hand-in-hand with the technical readiness.

Lisa Campopiano

Lisa Campopiano

All too often, introduction of new technologies fail because organisations are not ready, not because of the technology itself. When it comes to UC, there’s a need to prepare people for the platform and the changes it will bring to their working lives. This is vital to maximise adoption and deliver value to the customer.

To prepare customers for their transition to UCaaS, Fuze Services focus on four specific elements: implementation, adoption, support, success. Fuze Implementation Services offer a streamlined, scalable methodology for deploying in the enterprise. To complement Fuze Implementation Services, Fuze has launched Fuze Success Plans, combining elements of adoption, support, and success into tiered offerings, to fuel customers’ continued growth.

These offerings start by helping customers think strategically about rolling out new tools to their employees, starting with creating an end user adoption plan that includes enablement and proper communication regarding the change, and onwards to support in which the process of understanding issues, analysing them and solving them is addressed. The final pillar, success, focuses on what has been achieved and how to optimise Fuze. Across each of these different services, Fuze resources will partner with customers, bringing their expertise and knowledge, serving as a trusted advisor for each customer.

“We knew our approach was different so we wanted to create a collection of our best practices and services that enterprise companies need to be successful when deploying a new solution,” said Lisa Campopiano, the Vice President of Customer Success & Sales at Fuze, which introduced its new range of core, enhanced and premier Fuze Success Plans on 4 June.

“We have formalised and streamlined all our offerings to make them available to all customers and create a holistic offering based on varying customer profiles,” she added. “These Fuze Success Plans combine adoption, support and success into one offering because we know that our customers are most successful when they are partnering with Fuze and these services take place alongside one another.”

With the move towards more remote working and greater flexibility in the workplace, organisations have scrambled to provide their end users with unified communications with varying levels of success. A major impediment to success of UC initiatives has been underestimating the impacts on end users and their willingness to adapt to and adopt new technologies.

How success is measured is an important element of this. Enterprises typically want UCaaS to demonstrate rapid time to value and time to productivity. If their end users don’t use all the features available or are reluctant to use the system at all both value and productivity are constrained and this is why Fuze is introducing Fuze Success Plans, to proactively address change. Campopiano pointed out that Fuze helps organisations analyse their Fuze solution with Fuze Discover which enables organisations to analyse data and trends to better understand end user adoption.

“We want to be advisors to our customers, helping them on their digital transformation journey, not only with the initial deployment, but throughout their partnership with Fuze”

“People don’t typically enjoy change, so it’s not just about training them once to use a new system, it’s about ensuring a continual discussion. The discussion is bigger than making sure someone is enabled once, you have to make sure they have the right level of support to have success from day one.”

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