Get GDPR Compliance with CLX Communications

CLX launch a GDPR-compliant messaging service

Get GDPR Compliance with CLX Communications

CLX LogoA leading provider of cloud-based communication systems, CLX Communications helps companies to communicate quickly, and cost-effectively with consumers and coworkers around the world. CLX solutions offer new opportunities for business-critical communications through SMS, video, mobile, data, and IoT connectivity services. Recently, the brand announced the launch of their new “European Economic Area” (EEA) service for messaging, designed to support compliance for GDPR.

The new GDPR regulations stipulate that personal data must be stored safely in any country within the European Union. The rules of GDPR also apply to companies who work with brands in the EU. According to CLX, the recent messaging API guarantees that message data will remain in the EEA by leveraging the Tier 1 Super Network. This system allows the creation of a GDPR-specific class for routing that ensures messages sent to consumers in the EU only use mobile network operators in the same geographic area.

Keeping Data Within the EU

GDPR PadlockThe GDPR guidelines are making it far more difficult for companies within the EU to manage their data safely and effectively. These regulations require personal data to be tracked and stored in systems that support additional new rules like the right to be forgotten. Unfortunately, many CPaaS providers that offer global communication services allow personal data to simply move through countries located outside of the EEA.

Some enterprises, particularly those in the verticals of finance, government, and banking, will find that keeping data located within the EEA is the only true way to make sure that every message exists within the GDPR guidelines. Fortunately, CLX may have the solution. According to the Chief Product Officer for the brand, Robert Gerstmann, the complex nature of GDPR means that enterprise can’t afford to overlook compliance. Consumers are growing increasingly aware of their rights as citizens under the protection of a new regulatory framework.

The CLX GDPR Supported Messaging System

CLX has spent more than a year preparing for the looming deadline of GDPR coming on the 25th of May this year. The company offers a range of measures ready for the guidelines, including:

  • Ensuring data subjects can access their data, and ask for it to be reviewed, modified, or deleted if necessary
  • Signing agreements for data protection with all CLX customers
  • Restricting the time that log files are stored to an absolute minimum – after which point, data becomes anonymised
  • Using GDPR trained support teams throughout the EU to ensure that information doesn’t leave the EEA

With their GDPR-ready messaging strategy based on an EEA infrastructure, CLX ensure that customers can access a turnkey solution for compliance that extends even beyond the GDPR regulations. The aim for CLX is to offer a truly future-proof solution for /unified-communications/cpaas.

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