Global Productivity: Dialpad Introduces “Dialpad Everywhere”

Rebekah Carter

Mini-app allows users to engage in multiple activities on-call

Global Productivity: Dialpad Introduces “Dialpad Everywhere”

Experts in the world of simplified communications experiences, Dialpad has recently begun to build on their strategy to deliver next-level UC solutions to modern businesses. This pure-cloud business Comms provider recently announced the development of their brand-new Dialpad Everywhere offering – an intuitive and simple mini-app that that can float on top of the applications that employees use every day on computer or laptop screens.

With Dialpad Everywhere, active users in the Dialpad community will have the opportunity to access the frequently-used features they need during calls with a single click. The system even integrates popular third-party services and applications from a custom integration toolbar.

Prioritising Productivity with Modern Apps

In a world where “experience” is becoming increasingly crucial, companies of all shapes and sizes are beginning to embrace new and specialised applications for everything from internal communications to customer support. According to the Chief Product Officer of Dialpad, Vincent Paquet, simply having these applications isn’t enough, teams need to make sure that they can access the tools they need quickly and easily.

The Dialpad Everywhere solution offers a user-friendly and compact interface intended to improve productivity by reducing distractions in the workplace and eliminating the need to switch constantly back and forth between applications. Dialpad Everywhere follows the workflow of individual users across their favourite applications, all the way from Zendesk tools, to offerings from Salesforce, Office 365, G Suite, and more.

According to Dialpad, the brand developed the new app after seeing how complicated it was for their own team to navigate constantly between different services.

Simplifying the Workflow

The purpose behind Dialpad Everywhere is that it gives users the opportunity to work faster and smarter by keeping popular features of apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, Service Now, Dialpad, and LinkedIn accessible and available at all times. This includes the opportunity to create support tickets for customers, log sales information, and view shared events within a team environment. The system provides one-click access to features like:

  • Call recording and call transfer
  • Compose and view emails
  • Hang up and Answer
  • Create and Share calendar appointments
  • Create and view Salesforce information
  • View and share LinkedIn Profiles

Putting Users First

Dialpad hopes that their new application will help to keep users focused on the work they’re doing, by making sure that they don’t have to waste time jumping between different applications and platforms. The mini-app follows users wherever they go to ensure that they have a streamlined and non-intrusive solution for productivity.

With Dialpad Everywhere, users can also access instant context on every call, so that users know who they’re talking to, and where their calls are coming from. Additionally, because the app is compact, it removes clutter from the screen, so workers can focus on what matters.

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