GoToConnect Review: UCaaS from GoTo

The latest phone service from GoTo

GoToConnect Review: UCaaS from GoTo

GoTo, one of the world’s most popular brands for unified communications and collaboration, recently announced that they were building on their video and chat solutions with a complete UCaaS offering. The new “GoToConnect” service is the Unified Communications as a service solution for companies that want to combine meetings, voice, rooms, and webinars into the same comprehensive environment.

With GoToConnect, GoTo aims to bring businesses the simplicity and flexibility they need for better communications, through the reliable Jive Cloud VoIP phone system, and the flexible GoToMeeting service for video, web, and audio conferencing.

Here’s what you need to know about GoToConnect.

The Features of GoToConnect

With GoToMeeting and Jive, GoTo already had everything that its customers needed for voice and conferencing in their portfolio. GoToConnect simply brings these separate services together into a single pane of glass. With GoToConnect, employees can chat, talk, or collaborate through video in a single application. What’s more, the back-end is entirely managed by GoTo, which means less complexity for your IT team to handle.

The GoToConnect service comes with more than 100 features available across the web, video, and audio conferencing environments, as well as VoIP. Essentially, it’s GoTo’s all-in-one solution for making teams more productive with UCC.

Features include:

  • Custom call routing: Control and update cloud-based phone systems using GoTo’s state-of-the-art visual dial plan system
  • Find Me, Follow Me: Access time-based routing services and geolocation to make sure calls are forwarded to the right devices
  • Screen share: Improve collaboration by sharing a single application or an entire computer screen
  • Team-based distribution: Use call queues, ring-groups and automated distribution to manage your incoming call volume with ease
  • Call Me: Answer a phone call to join a meeting and save time signing up with PINs and codes
  • Personal Meeting Rooms: Make sure that you can host the right meetings in secure settings with personal rooms featuring custom URLs
  • Call analytics: Gather important data on your conversations with real-time reporting

The Benefits GoToConnect

GoToConnect is an easy all-in-one strategy for businesses that want to move their communication strategy into the freedom of the cloud. Now that today’s companies need more flexibility and scalability than ever, an unreliable phone or meeting solution can cause serious problems for today’s workers. With GoToConnect, you can reduce your risk of dropped calls, and choppy connections, while accessing all the conversational tools you could want.

The benefits of GoToConnect include:

  • Simple meetings and VoIP on the cloud: Moving your business communications to the cloud with GoToConnect makes it easier to manage and grow your business. Unified communication and collaboration come together in a single accessible environment. There’s even an easy user interface, so you don’t need as much IT support
  • Jive Voice: GoToConnect is powered by Jive Voice – a service packed with more than 80 features intended to help your business communicate more effectively. Jive comes with an intuitive dial plan editor, mobile apps, and personal meeting spaces
  • GoToMeeting: GoToConnect also features one of the world’s most popular conferencing tools – GoToMeeting. With this one-click collaboration tool, you can start chatting with contacts via video in seconds, share screens, and work together on files in real-time
  • Reliable and scalable: GoToConnect is hosted across 9 different data centres around the world. This gives your business the peace of mind you need with reliable, scalable, and accessible communications
  • Next-level customer support: GoToConnect comes with next-level support from the GoTo team, no matter how large or small your deployment might be

Target Market & Regional Availability

Perfectly suited for companies making their way into the cloud environment, GoToConnect is available to anyone who can access services from the GoTo or LogMeIn team. There’s a free 14-day trial available for all users who want to check out the experience before they invest.

Any specific countries or business sizes?

How to Buy & Pricing

GoTo has designed the GoToConnect solution to be as affordable as possible – so that essentially any business can use it. The GoToConnect service comes with powerful audio, web, and video-conferencing built in, which integrates with industry-leading VoIP. However, according to GoTo, you can get this solution for the same price as just buying cloud-based VoIP.

GoToConnect pricing starts at $19.95 a month. However, you will need to speak to the customer service team to get an accurate quote for your business. GoTo promises that there are no separate bills or hidden fees to worry about.

FAQ & Finishing Thoughts

GoToConnect is GoTo’s answer to the ever-growing demand for a fully unified communication experience. Whether you’re looking for the fast-paced video conferences you would expect from GoToMeeting, or you need the VoIP and call management of Jive, you’ll get everything combined into the same environment with GoToConnect.

Q: What Is Jive?

A: Jive is the VoIP strategy that enables the UCaaS offering of GoToConnect. With Jive, you can easily make, answer, and manage hosted calls with GoTo. There’s also Jive Contact Centre available, to help you create better conversations between your business and customers too.

Q: What is GoToMeeting?

A: GoToMeeting is the foundation meeting software that GoTo is famous for. This video conferencing tool brings teams together quickly and easily at the click of a button, with support for file and screen sharing.

Q: What Other GoTo Features does GoToConnect integrate with?

A: GoTo has a range of features to offer alongside GoToConnect, including GoToTraining, GoToWebinar, GoToRoom, OpenVoice, GoToStage, and Grasshopper for answering local or toll-free calls professionally.




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