How TelcoSwitch Achieves Zero Churn

Getting to know TelcoSwitch and what enables their 0% in a competitive industry

How TelcoSwitch Achieves Zero Churn

Through innovation and partner success, TelcoSwitch has established itself as a leading wholesale provider of both UCaaS and CCaaS services. Through their 100% channel focus, TelcoSwitch has grown from day zero to 132 established UK channel partners in just three years. I spoke to Russell Lux, CEO of TelcoSwitch, to learn about the TelcoSwitch story and find out just how they’ve achieved such rapid growth – with 0% churn – in such a short space of time.

Russell’s CV comprises Managing Director and Chief Technology roles across a range of technology companies. This puts Russell and TelcoSwitch in a unique position with essentially a technology entrepreneur at the helm.

TelcoSwitch provides a wholesale offering to channel resellers, leveraging their robust and reliable platform as the base. With Russell’s awareness of the bigger picture, through other technology investments in the UK and USA, TelcoSwitch is uniquely positioned in solution sales rather than hardware and software.

Enabling partners new to the cloud

Russell Lux

Russell Lux

With TelcoSwitch’s experience, IT resellers and phone system suppliers looking to branch into the cloud phone system industry and further would be well armed when looking at TelcoSwitch. TelcoSwitch specialises in providing the core platform to enable first-time and infrequent cloud phone system resellers to enable them to take a valuable and competitive proposition to market without investing in expensive cloud infrastructure themselves.

With a go-to-market strategy solely channel focused, TelcoSwitch is not a provider that also has a direct sales team you could end up competing against. This ranks highly as a reason for losing business in the reseller and VAR world. Partners need to feel secure and empowered by their chosen platform provider – not endangered by them.

With the UCaaS industry reported to be worth $28.69bn by 2021 by Markets and Markets, new resellers are chomping at the bit and need to make an informed decision when selecting a partner.

TelcoSwitch portfolio

The tech portfolio itself features enough solutions to turn any new reseller into a powerful player in the as-a-Service markets.

The UCaaS offerings consist of CallSwitch Business and CallSwitch Lite which provides a core hosted voice and Unified Comms platform. When reselling the platform, resellers can also benefit from value-add services like auto attendant, conference rooms and call recording.

Natively, you can also expect integration with leading business applications like Salesforce, HubSpot and Microsoft  Dynamics.

The CCaaS solution takes the shape of CallSwitch Contact Centre. This includes a core toolkit of call centre features, reports, dashboards managed controls and compliance options.

The third string to the TelcoSwitch bow is Communicator Meeting due in June 19. This is a Video Conferencing as-a-Service (VCaaS) style product which offers a great alternative to a full fat collaboration solution deemed too much for small businesses requiring access to video conferencing.

Constant innovation

TelcoSwitch version 5.2 is due been released in March. Russell highlighted some of the key features:

  • New user interface on product orders, with shortcuts for quick ordering
  • Cobranded marketing collateral and sales playbooks
  • System optimisation to reduce CPU usage in CallSwitch
  • New handsets supported – Gigaset Maxwell Basic, Maxwell 2 and Maxwell 3
  • API improvements
  • Opus codec for mobile app
  • New remote storage options for voicemail and call recordings – integration into Google Drive, Dropbox and Amazon S3
  • Enhanced call reporting and CDRs
  • Changes to tenants enabling different time zones per site
  • CRM routing to improve customer experience by routing to best known contact.
  • French translation for CallSwitch GUI
  • Customisable access codes for call pickup

0% churn

I asked Russell the secret behind TelcoSwitch achieving 0% churn.

“I have absolutely no idea! 2018 was 3 years for us as a business. In those 3 years, we have not lost an end user. Along with that, we’ve grown by 127% in revenue over the last financial year. In terms of profitability, we were cash flow positive and finished the year on over 40,000 users”

“2019 has continued in the same vein. We are currently averaging 1600 nett new seats per month”.

What’s next?

Russell spoke about the exciting times ahead for TelcoSwitch. “Before the summer, we will be adding new features to the contact centre and already have a full collaboration suite built and undergoing final testing”.

To continue TelcoSwitch’s rapid growth, March’s new platform updates will be coupled with new hires.

Ronni Raveh joins from Dun & Bradstreet as Customer Success Lead. She is tasked with looking after resellers and will introduce soft selling and further marketing techniques to empower the channel.

Paula Buckland joins as a Business Development Executive from Panasonic to source, support and onboard new resellers.

Furthermore, the technical support team has increased by 50% since the turn of the year.

TelcoSwitch was also featured in my Top Wholesale Providers for 2019 article where you can find a review of CallSwitch Business and CallSwitch Lite. TelcoSwitch is currently offering up to £100 cashback on every seat signed up until the end of April 2019. For more information on the offer, check out the TelcoSwitch website here.


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AvatarRob Scott 08:59, 25 Mar 2019

How does a Comms company experience zero churn in today’s age whilst growing at the same time? Great story! Well done Russell and the team, the numbers are testament to great customer service and product reliability to say the least.

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