Introducing Arkadin Cisco Webex Calling Solution

New Webex Calling Offering for Enterprises

Introducing Arkadin Cisco Webex Calling Solution

Arkadin, the global provider of cloud communication services operating under the NTT Communications brand, recently announced the introduction of its new Cisco Webex Calling solution. The new offering will provide customers with global access to PSTN telephony through the Cisco BroadCloud PBX technology delivered through Webex.

Arkadin provides cutting-edge infrastructure solutions to businesses throughout 34 countries. With the new Cisco Webex Calling offering, they’ll deliver a comprehensive cloud-based communications service, complete with all the enterprise-level PBX features their customers need. Additionally, Cisco Webex Calling comes integrated with Webex Teams solutions and devices.

With the addition of Cisco Webex Meetings access, the new Arkadin service will give companies the complete bundle available on the market today with the Cisco Webex brand. What’s more, the solution is fully managed and supported by Arkadin’s dedicated customer service team.

Easy Access to the Cloud with Cisco and Arkadin

The Webex Calling solution will help companies to move to the cloud at a pace that suits them. It brings all of the PBX functionality a business needs to thrive into a simple package, featuring both calling and collaboration.

As one of Cisco’s Early Service Providers, Arkadin will be offering global PSTN telephony through the proven BroadCloud platform, which provides access to all enterprise-level PBX and calling features. The voice services delivered in this offering will be managed by Arkadin’s parent company NTT Communications.

With the help of their new Cisco Webex solution, Arkadin will address the needs of both medium and large enterprises alike, with a comprehensive cloud solution featuring scalability, high-security, and low latency. There’s also just one license plan to worry about, from one service provider.

Your Complete Communications Platform

According to the UCaaS Managing Director for Arkadin, Christophe Reyes, the company has always aspired to deliver the most reliable and innovative solutions for global companies. As modern businesses evolve, and more companies move into the cloud workspace, Arkadin is passionate about helping organisations access better agility and flexibility for their environments. Arkadin is thrilled to be offering Cisco Webex Calling as a one-stop strategy for complete communication and collaboration in the enterprise.

The Arkadin Webex Calling package will deliver a complete communications service that can be customised to suit their individual needs. What’s more, the service works seamlessly with the Webex product portfolio, which offers an aligned service on mobile and desktop.

Arkadin is rolling it’s Cisco Webex Calling solution out globally across 23 locations, starting with EMEA. The Asia Pacific and Americas regions will follow soon. Webex Calling from Arkadin also uses the Cisco Flex plan for pricing, ensuring that customers can enjoy a more transparent cost structure.


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