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LogMeIn Introduces Grasshopper Connect

New LogMeIn UC solution for small businesses

LogMeIn Introduces Grasshopper Connect

Leader in the communications and collaboration marketplace, LogMeIn, have today announced a new UC solution for small businesses. Grasshopper Connect is an application designed to curate all small business communications into a single environment. This allows small businesses to simplify their operations and create a professional identity through a dedicated business phone number.

The launch of Grasshopper Connect builds on the back of LogMeIn’s recent launch of the GoToConnect offering for simplified UC&C performance. With Grasshopper Connect, customers will be able to access a dedicated phone number, connected to a streamlined application that combines all of their communications, from emails and texts to calls and voicemails. The highly unified experience will help small business owners to enjoy a more streamlined work environment.

Delivering UC to Small Businesses

Mark Strassman

Mark Strassman

The Grasshopper Connect UC offering for small businesses provides users with a streamlined view of every conversation, whether that conversation happened over a text, email, or call. This will help smaller business owners to pick up where they left off with clients.

According to the SVP and GM of UC&C at LogMeIn, Mark Strassman, Grasshopper has long offered small businesses the flexibility they need to remain connected while working how and where they like. This simple virtual phone solution requires no additional hardware or technology. In today’s modern workforce, companies are continually searching for ways to reduce the noise and disruptions that employees face, and Grasshopper Connect will help with that. The app was designed to save valuable time for users by separating their work and personal life with a unified communications inbox. The easy-to-use interface will keep track of every incoming and outgoing communication, from emails and texts to voicemails.

Grasshopper Connect empowers business owners to be more successful, responsive, and efficient, with features like:

  • A unified inbox for texts, voicemails, emails, and calls in the same place
  • Business contact management for a clear boundary between personal and business communication
  • Email integration to avoid distractions and inbox clutter
  • Timeline views for one view of all interactions with a client, no matter how they connected with the company
  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android to manage communications on the go

Building on Grasshopper Heritage

The Grasshopper Connect offering for small businesses builds on the existing heritage of LogMeIn’s standard Grasshopper experience. It combines a virtual business phone system with the Grasshopper Connect inbox to provide users with better control over a wide range of communication options.

Grasshopper also recently announced that it is launching a new 2019 Grasshopper Entrepreneur Scholarship which will support entrepreneurial students to afford the rising cost of education and help them access the tools they need to start a business. Through this program, Grasshopper will award a college student or freshman with a scholarship made payable to the university that they’re attention in 2019. To find out more about this scholarship, visit the Grasshopper website. Alternatively, contact LogMeIn to learn more about the Grasshopper Connect offering for small business UC.


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