Making a Business Case for Cloud Communications

Rob Scott

Yeastar and the growth in cloud comms

Making a Business Case for Cloud Communications

The market for communication in the cloud is growing at a fantastic pace lately. By the end of 2023, this environment is expected to be worth around $20.23 billion.

With benefits like greater flexibility, reduced cost, and improved performance to consider, many companies have already begun making the move to cloud technology. However, there are still resellers in the communication space that struggle to convince their clients that the cloud is the right step forward.

Convincing a set of stakeholders to make the switch from an existing phone on-premises system to the transformative environment of the cloud isn’t always easy. That’s particularly true when that business already has investments in legacy tools to consider.

Here’s how you can make a business case for cloud communications.

Highlighting the Benefits of the Cloud

The easiest way to convince any business leader to consider a new solution is to help them understand how that solution will eliminate existing problems and deliver unique benefits. With the Yeastar cloud PBX solution in your communication stack, you’ll be able to highlight benefits to customers like:

  • A more flexible and productive workforce: It’s impossible to ignore the growing trend towards employees working on the cloud. As team members step outside of the office to work in more mobile environments, cloud communication allows everyone to stay connected on the same page. Cloud communications brings employees, partners, and customers into the conversation every day, no matter where they are
  • Unlimited growth opportunities: With the cloud, a business can expand as quickly and as significantly as it chooses, with access to everything from multiple PBX locations, to different forms of communication. Companies with communications on the cloud can set up new contact centres and environments at a moment’s notice, as well as tapping into unique new features as they arise
  • Scalability and agility: Speaking of flexibility, businesses on the cloud can also access advanced and disruptive technology whenever they choose. A reseller with Yeastar can even give their customers the option to add things like CRM integrations, and new communication channels to the mix as the brand’s customer service strategy evolves. And Yeastar have just released new firmware which adds CTI, updated contact support and more
  • Reduced costs: The cloud means that you no longer have to worry about investing in excessive on-premises tools. Businesses can reduce their CapEX costs, and switch to a model that focuses on reliable and easy-to-manage OpEX expenditure instead. You can also highlight the fact that maintenance costs will be reduced because you’ll be able to handle things like security and updates on the back-end from your side with Yeastar Management services
  • Better continuity: Cloud communications can also offer your end-users the chance to have more peace of mind in a digital environment. Cloud service providers like Yeastar offer highly redundant and reliable systems in robust and geographically dispersed areas. In a world where companies can lose a lot of money and opportunities when a single call goes down, it’s helpful for business leaders to know that they’ve got protection on the cloud

Building a Future Proof Company on the Cloud

Delivering cloud communications to your end-users is about more than removing their desk phones and giving them a more flexible environment for conversations. Presented correctly, you can show your customers that cloud technology is the best way for them to future-proof and protect their businesses. With tools like Yeastar Cloud PBX, resellers can instantly add new users to a cloud environment as often and as quickly as their end-users need. Businesses can have a phone system that grows freely with them.

At the same time, cloud technology offers geographical flexibility, so companies can expand across global borders too. Organizations can unify branches, headquarters and teleworkers in a single cloud PBX environment, in a world that’s constantly changing. All the while, they still get access to the advanced PBX features that they’ve come to appreciate with their on-premises legacy systems, like Auto Attendant, Conferencing, and queuing too.

The Cloud is The Way Forward

Now that more parts of the world are beginning to move away from traditional PSTN systems once and for all, there’s never been a better time for companies of all sizes to begin reconsidering the move to the cloud. As the conversation around UCaaS grows more heated, resellers are in the perfect position to prove themselves as the perfect transitional partner for their customers.

With Yeastar, you can provide a high-compatibility cloud PBX environment to your users, that’s compatible with worldwide SIP trunks, as well as their mainstream IP phones. What’s more, with an intuitive web GUI, moving to the cloud isn’t just easy for your customer. Resellers can enjoy a seamless and pain-free experience for provisioning too!


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