Masergy Simplifies UCaaS Provisioning With New Tool Release

To improve the process of creating user profiles within UCaaS environments Masergy has announced a new automation tool

Masergy Simplifies UCaaS Provisioning With New Tool Release

Moving to UCaaS platforms has always involved a lot of work for organisation’s administrative teams. The duplication of user profiles and general access rules has been a mundane and inefficient task that has been an additional hurdle to organisations wanting to make the leap to UCaaS. Masergy, the networking software services company, aims to remedy that.

Last week at Enterprise Connect 2018 they announced the release of their new automation tool to streamline UCaaS user provisioning. The tool utilises RESTful API (Application Program Interface) to reduce the repetitive workload for IT and administrative teams within organisations when migrating to UCaaS platforms. Dean Manzoori, Vice President for Product Management in UCaaS at Masergy was available to explain why this tool can be so useful for organisations.

“We have the APIs available, we have the know-how so you now you can write a script that connects events from your active directory into the call platform. If you think about it if you reduce the duplication of data entry into dual platforms you can reduce resources required and man hours by half.”

masergy, Dean Manzoori

Dean Manzoori, Masergy

The larger the organisation, the greater the efficiency saving. Enterprises with thousands of users will drastically reduce the amount of time required to provision their databases in new UCaaS platforms. Although it is not just the time saved directly on data entry that can benefit any organisation utilising the new solution. It also reduces the requirement for IT managers and staff to learn and use a further administration portal for adding, modifying, or deleting UCaaS user accounts. All of the usual tasks can be managed from an organisation’s existing human resource business applications with rules in place to duplicate these into other platforms.

“Today’s enterprises need to create efficiencies wherever possible”

Masergy’s new tool creates efficiencies with the below features:

  • Automating provisioning triggered by Active Directory or SaaS HR applications
  • Synchronising Active Directory with the UCaaS platform
  • Eliminating dependency on unfamiliar UCaaS admin portals to manage users

Masergy was able to demonstrate the solution to us live at Enterprise Connect 2018 last week but the potential applications don’t end in the reduction of admin tasks, the possibilities for automating business processes are huge.

In partnership with London based software developer, Cloudpipes, Masergy is able to offer a huge range of workflow customisation. Cloudpipe’s iPaaS solution has already normalised API channels to over 200 SaaS applications enabling simple process automation with those platforms.

“With no coding required, you could use our calling APIs to trigger a workflow that records a call, transcribes it and takes the transcription and perhaps puts it into the CRM object as an activity history. All of that can happen in the background without you having to bring in software developers. All just using a simple user interface.”

New tools such as this, developed by companies like Masergy in conjunction with Cloudpipes, can only make the UCaaS proposition more and more attractive for companies going forward.

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  • AvatarDean Manzoori 06:03, 22 Mar 2018

    The Masergy user provisioning API is available for all UCaaS scenarios. This enables customers to automate their employee onboarding process from within their own environment using SaaS HR application of their choice or Active Directory.

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AvatarDominic Kent 09:03, 22 Mar 2018

Hey Patrick, do you know which platform this will be available for?
I know Masergy have a couple of different options when it comes to deploying UCaaS.

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