Microsoft Operator Connect Review – Ready to Go Connectivity

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Flexible, ready-to-go direct routing for Microsoft Teams

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Microsoft Operator Connect Review – Ready to Go Connectivity

Microsoft’s journey to a leadership position in the UCaaS landscape has involved a range of crucial partnerships and collaborations. Though Microsoft’s team is always willing to innovate in the latest tools and technology for users, the company also knows when to stay flexible, and play nicely with other brands. 

Microsoft Teams direct routing was one of the first examples of Microsoft’s commitment to providing companies with flexibility as they moved communications into the cloud. With direct routing, organisations could maintain relationships with their existing communication providers, while leveraging the benefits of Microsoft Teams as a central collaboration hub.

Now, Operator Connect offers another alternative for those who’d prefer to choose their own communication strategy. The Operator Connect solution in the Teams Operator Console allows users to directly configure calling services from a host of top providers, like BT, T-Mobile, Verizon, and more. Here’s what you need to know about Operator Connect. 

Microsoft Operator Connect Review: Features

Microsoft Operator Connect is a tool providing operators with deeper integration into the Teams platform. Operators can provide customers with a simplified and enhanced Teams phone experience, delivered by companies who can maintain parity with Microsoft’s collaborative offerings. Through this carefully constructed partnership, Microsoft and modern operators can work together to deliver the comprehensive communication ecosystem businesses need. 

With operator connect, you can choose your own PSTN carrier for Microsoft Teams, similar to direct routing. Companies can access a fully managed service through Operator Connect, where IT groups gain access to an admin environment for provisioning numbers and technology. Features include:

  • Programmatic operator-provided calling features
  • Microsoft Azure Peering Service for voice
  • Operator admin management in Teams admin centre
  • Provisioning via APIs (for easy automation)
  • Complete call detail records and call quality dashboard
  • Operator Tier 1 support
  • Dedicated management capabilities in API or operator portal
  • Comprehensive as-a-service communication experience

Rather than having to implement a direct routing solution with SBCs and PowerShell commands, Operator Connect allows companies to access as-a-service telephony within the Microsoft ecosystem. The setup is quick and simple, so operators can get companies up and running in minutes. 

For partners, Operator Connect allows for quick and simple scaling of a direct routing service, so vendors can deliver pure, cloud-managed solutions to customers. For end-users, the operator connect offering means businesses can get a simple programmatic solution for operator-provided calling, with access to all kinds of unique features through APIs. 

Microsoft Operator Connect Benefits

Microsoft Operator Connect essentially takes the already-popular direct routing solution for Microsoft Teams to the next level, by removing the need for Powershell complications and SBC management. There’s no need for any additional infrastructure, because the Microsoft Phone System service provides the PBX service. The solution is fully hosted by Microsoft and the service provider partners. Microsoft also works closely with its telephony providers to supply technical support with SLA promises, and assistance. Benefits include:

  • Choose your own operator: Like with Microsoft direct routing, you get the option to bring your own operator into your Microsoft Teams strategy. This makes it easier to maintain existing operator contracts and relationships, while centralising communication in Teams. There are plenty of high-level vendors to choose from already, including Deutsche Telekom, Pure IP, Telenor, and many others
  • Secure, reliable communications: Microsoft peers directly with providers for access to Azure data centres, providing a consistent, reliable, and resilient experience. You get access to technical support and shared SLAs from within the Microsoft ecosystem, and every partner is held to the highest quality standards for security, privacy, and compliance
  • Simplicity: Operator Connect can eliminate the headache of having to manage your numbers and connections with PowerShell. There’s far less technical confusion to worry about, so you can reduce provisioning time and the number of management resources you need to invest in. Even activating and deactivating users in Operator connect is much easier, thanks to a portal within the Microsoft Teams interface
  • Reduce costs: With Operator Connect, you can significantly reduce the amount you spend on infrastructure and management costs. You’ll spend significantly less money on purchasing, maintaining and management equipment. If you’re already working with a Microsoft Operator Connect partner, you might be able to access special pricing deals and bundles designed to reward your loyalty
  • Flexibility: Microsoft Teams Operator Connect ensures you can build the perfect communication system for your needs, with no limitations. In some situations, you can even mix-and-match your operator connect solution with direct routing, to help you get the best of both worlds. A versatile open environment and access to APIs makes it easier to build custom solutions for all companies

Who Needs Microsoft Operator Connect?

If you’re looking for an easy way to enhance your communication strategy by moving your entire ecosystem into Microsoft Teams, Operator Connect is a great solution. You can access the flexible and scalable calling plans that are right for you, without being restricted by Microsoft’s own calling plans. What’s more, you get to maintain your existing provider, and any benefits that come with them.

Operator Connect gives you the opportunity to access flexible Microsoft Teams UCaaS like never before. Going far beyond the basics of direct routing, Microsoft Operating Connect makes accessing amazing communication features quick and easy, with support for fully managed services from your preferred vendor. High-quality security, amazing reliability, and access to data sharing APIs means there’s no limitations to your digital transformation strategy. 

With a wide range of operator providers already signed up for Microsoft’s partnership program, there’s nothing stopping today’s companies from discovering the enhanced reliability, reduced costs, and simplified management of an Operator Connect ecosystem.

Microsoft Operator Connect: Verdict

Microsoft Operator Connect is the ultimate solution for companies keen to access Microsoft UCaaS, without being restricted by the Microsoft Business Phone system plans. If you want to bring all of your communication and collaboration requirements into Microsoft, but you don’t want to deal with your own SBCs, or managing technology on your site, Operator Connect is the tool for you.

With Operator Connect, Microsoft Teams customers can get a fully managed service, where all the complicated stuff is handled for them. This means you can focus on building your business with access to some of the best communication and collaboration functionality in the world. 



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