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netsapiens Hit 1M Users and Launch IaaS Solution

Watch this video interview from the Cloud Comms Summit 2019 discussing netsapien's landmark achievement and its new product launch

Watch the video here.

UC Today attended Cloud Comms Summit 2019 which concluded in Washington earlier in September. The latest iteration of the Cloud Comms Summit is organised by Cavell Group and the Cloud Communications Alliance.

The team are joined by netsapiens CEO, Anand Buch, who tells us about two major pieces of news for the global UCaaS provider. Firstly Buch talks to Patrick about netsapien’s attendance at the Cloud Comms Summit before announcing that it has now hit 1 million users on its platform. This represents a huge milestone and reflects the popularity of platform.

As well as reaching a landmark number of users, netspaiens also has a new product to discuss at the event. It recently launched SNAPaccel which is a Managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service Offering, IaaS, for service providers. Buch tells Patrick more about the background behind the new service.

netsapiens’ SNAPaccel will leverage a full network of geo-redundant top tier data centres to allow service providers to offload as much of the UC infrastructure as they desire from the operating system up to the UC application itself. Buch explains that this will equip service providers with greater flexibility, reduced expenditure and greater elasticity.

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Presenter and Tech Journalist Patrick Watson with Anand Buch of netsapiens.

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