NFON Talks about Distribution and Agent Models

We chat with Myles Leach, Managing Director, NFON UK

NFON Talks about Distribution and Agent Models

As the communication industry continues to grow, go-to-market strategy is a crucial consideration for all businesses. Large service providers need to think carefully about how they can support the world around them through agent models, channel partners, and distribution. NFON, one of the pioneering communication companies in the UK today, is committed to providing organisations with the tools that they need to enhance and improve their business communications strategy. The high-strength partner network of NFON Group – with more than 2,000 partners – across Europe is what helps NFON to stand out from the crowd in an evolving marketplace. We caught up with Myles Leach, Managing Director, NFON UK, to learn more about this go-to-market strategy.

What’s Your Go to Market Strategy in the UK?

“NFON, the only pan-European cloud PBX provider, is a supplier of communication solutions designed to enhance modern businesses. Currently, NFON has been selling in the UK for about 6 years now. The partners that the company has been the most successful with are the ones that understand that NFON is a disrupter. To deliver their solutions as far and wide as possible, NFON concentrates on going out to partners and working with them to support their end users. As a more agile business, NFON is in an excellent place to be an innovative disrupter in the field of business communication, and the company also sees opportunities to partner with organisations outside of the traditional UC space too, including IT service providers and resellers.”

How Does NFON differentiate?

“NFON offers a wide variety of businesses the opportunity to get involved with cloud telephony with all features and advantages, rather than focusing exclusively on traditional UC providers – NFON is the new freedom of business communication. The classic communications resellers often struggle when it comes to getting their heads around the agility of the new cloud environment. However, a lot of smaller brands and IT partners resellers can easily integrate this new offering into their product portfolio. The fact is, resellers go for the strategy that’s easy, and NFON is trying to give them that. We’re doing commission sales, Wholesale, and more, which means that we can give partners whatever they need. NFON is even exploring the possibilities of the master agent model, by taking over billing and other tasks that their partners don’t want to deal with on their behalf.”

How Do You Support your Resellers?

“There are opportunities both on-cloud and on-prem, but the focus for most companies right now is about making sure that they can deliver the right customer experience – the new freedom in business communication, to be more flexible, efficient, faster, simple and much more. The main focus we see in the market right now isn’t just about making sure you have the latest technology but giving customers the simplicity, they crave. We can give our resellers that simplicity when it comes to building their go-to-market strategy. NFON differs from the crowd with its offerings because the company has never stuck to the specific.”

“We want to make sure that our customers can access the tools they want to build with. If you want to put an enterprise PBX on the back of what you already have – that’s fine with us”

What’s Your Strategy Going Forward?

“NFON already gets a lot of positive feedback from its partners for the disruptive experiences that they offer, and the business wants to keep building on this growth going forward. We want to increase our sales channel, but we don’t want to oversaturate it and give our partners too much competition in the same areas.”

“Our resellers aren’t just a number to us. We give them a platform that’s easy to use, the support they need, and the simplicity that they’re looking for”



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