Oracle Boosts IP Network Quality for CoreDial

CoreDial and Oracle work together on IP reliability

Oracle Boosts IP Network Quality for CoreDial

Oracle Communications, a business known for its ability to deliver state-of-the-art integrated communication and cloud solutions for service providers, recently announced a new partnership with CoreDial. As a leading provider of UCaaS and cloud communications services, CoreDial chose Oracle Communications to help them deliver more reliable, high-quality IP services. Currently, over 800 channel partners are dependent on CoreDial to drive services to 26,000 companies across the US.

According to the CEO of CoreDial, Alan Rihm, the primary goal of the company is to serve partners and give them the exceptional platform, business model, and communication solutions that they need. Oracle will now play an essential part in helping CoreDial to reach their objectives and deliver more flexibility and reliability through the CoreDial network.

Adapting to a Competitive Market

Doug Suriano

Doug Suriano

The new integration will see CoreDial leveraging the SBC (Session Border Controller) from Oracle, and their Operations Monitor and Subscriber-Aware Load balancer. Using these technologies, CoreDial will have an opportunity to provide real-time services for communications across a host of IP network borders. CoreDial will also be able to deliver interoperability across a range of platforms and Private Branch Exchanges.

The Senior Vice President and General Manager of CoreDial, Doug Suriano, noted that the increasingly competitive communication market means that IP services today must be capable of delivering incredible security, flexibility, and performance. The Oracle Communications technology available to CoreDial will empower the business to scale easily and meet the needs of a host of customers.

According to a press release about the new partnership, CoreDial chose Oracle as their collaborator in this matter because they wanted to leverage the company’s exceptional network opportunities. Oracle can support CoreDial’s network, and defend their services against a variety of sophisticated security threats. Additionally, the ability to deny abusive requests will allow CoreDial to stop customer services from being disrupted.

Expanding on a Lucrative Partnership

Oracle SBC has already helped CoreDial to improve their critical service provider offerings, including upgrades to their reliability, interoperability, quality of service, regulatory compliance and more.

By augmenting the Oracle SBC with the Subscriber-Aware load balancing technology, CoreDial will be able to access non-disruptive scaling solutions for up to 10 million subscribers, all on a single address. This new solution introduces a fully geo-redundant VoIP network for customers too. If something were to happen in the Network, the CoreDial data centres will be able to assume responsibilities accordingly.

What’s more, the Oracle Communications Operations Monitor helps CoreDial improve its network traffic visibility. This also helps with improving the troubleshooting process. The end-to-end session correlation and available analysis in real-time from Oracle ensure that the CoreDial IT team can detect incidents quickly. The company can also isolate and resolve problems in any UC or VoIP network.


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